The Samsung Galaxy S9 would have its own Animoji


The Samsung Galaxy S9 is just around the corner: the countdown has begun and according to Korean ETNews we have a clue about what to expect on the new flagship of Samsung: its own version of Animojis.

The final name we do not know, although it is shuffled options as 3D Emoji. The operation, the same as always: use the face recognition to animate 3D characters, generally emojis and/or animal characters.

Animojis for all

The animojis have come to stay and confirmation of the information of the information, Samsung is about to jump on the bandwagon. If you can’t beat ‘ em, join. Interestingly, Samsung has made the biggest renew your emojis the Samsung Experience 9.0, which may be related.

For example, the emoji of poop (which for some reason is one of the animojis most popular) I had never had a mouth in its design on Samsung phones, but he just won recently. the Other designs have also been standardized more, being potentially easier to animate with facial expressions.

we’ll See you next February 25 if the 3D Emoji Samsung are a reality, which name they receive and how they work. In principle, the Samsung Galaxy S9 will not count with notch or any depth sensor as in the iPhone X, so that if the Animojis Samsung work just as well – or better, according to the source – that of iOS, it will be a good point for those who defy the notch is really needed.

Via | ET News
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The Samsung Galaxy S9 would have its own Animoji

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