WhatsApp opens channels of notification in Android Oreo: so you can set it up

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Android Oreo leads to on the market five months, and in all this time, there are still applications very popular which still have not added support to some of the main novelties of this new version of the Google mobile operating system. As in the case of WhatsApp, which up until today still was not compatible with the – channel-notification.

The popular messaging client, through its beta version, already allows users to choose the behavior of each type of notification generated by the WhatsApp application from the new system settings of Android Oreo thank you asus channels notificaición.

channels notification of WhatsApp


If you have Android 8.0/8.1 Oreo and you’re using the latest beta version of WhatsApp so from now you can configure a total of 10 categories of notification in WhatsApp from Android settings.


The categories that currently allows us to manage WhatsApp Beta are the following:


  • Notification-group
  • Notification message


  • Copy of the chat history
  • Alerts critical applications
  • Notification of errors
  • media Playback
  • unclassified
  • Other nofificaciones
  • Sending multimedia
  • Mute notifications


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In the notifications that we will have more customization options are in the notifications section of the chat. There you can set the importance, the sound, the vibration, if we want to see the bubble notification, see the message on the lock screen and if you don’t want to block the notifications on the do Not disturb mode. In the rest of notifications we can only set the importance, the bubble notification and the content to display on the lock screen.


Thanks to the channels of notification of WhatsApp we can tell our device is not show us more of the notifications of WhatsApp Web or when making a backup.

If you want to know more about the channels of notification Android Oreo don’t miss out the tutorial that we devote a few months to [the notification settings in Android Oreo](How to configure notifications in Android 8.0 Oreo).

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WhatsApp opens channels of notification in Android Oreo: so you can set it up
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January 19, 2018