7 extensions to change the appearance of the “new tab” in Google Chrome

If there is a blank page or the Google search engine, for sure with what we first open your browser to the page is “New…

If there is a blank page or the Google search engine, for sure with what we first open your browser to the page is “New Tab” ( new tab ), the same in which shows icons for some applications, the bookmarks bar and background colors or white depending on whether or not you have installed a theme for Google Chrome. Well, to change a little routine here are seven interesting extensions-views Hongkiat – that give a little more life to this important section of the browser:

Shows weather conditions, time and date, horizontal mosaic recently visited sites, an interesting marker search box (also searches between Google and Chrome apps installed ) and a bottom bar shortcuts including a pitcher with Facebook notifications and the ability to enter an RSS feed. You can load a wallpaper itself.

New Tab Page

new tab page
not created by Google but it emulates the appearance of the interface cards (cards ) Recent present especially in services like Google Now, Google+ and Google Keep. Include the time, a nice background that changes according to this, the temperature, some weather forecasts, pictures of recent sites, the Google search engine and a card with popular news in Google News.

 modern new tab page
combines perfectly with the Metro interface of Windows 8 with their tiles colors and flat icons (flat style ). To add sites simply click on the button “+” which is at the end of the default mesh drawers and then enter the URL of the site (take the RSS feed automatically), your name, icon and colors. You can change the default size of the pictures and background wallpaper itself or by one of the available themes.

I dare say, for the great similarity, which is based on the application of climate Stormcloud (for Ubuntu). This is a slight extension that adds a clock, date and the current climate, including predictions, all with a flat elegant and rapid configuration panel. At the end there is a button to instantly switch to the classic page “new tab”.

The time, date, a wooden background, a notebook to jot quick notes floating, twenty shortcuts with notifications and social networks counters “Unread” for email services, and finally a small board specific notifications (and a small box with reminders of Google Calendar events) are his useful productivity tools.

Another extension to the style of Windows 8, with pictures not so elegant but with many configuration options to customize each new item added. You can add links to sites of interest in the form of pictures, but draws attention away from the
widgets which includes clocks, counters, notifiers and social networking, perhaps annoying of these is to be installed as additional extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

new metroTab

new metrotab
The third and last alternative designed to look great with Windows 8 interface, in fact their options, menus, themes, transitions and overall appearance, will confuse more than one with the operating system screen. It integrations check Gmail, Flickr, 500 px, readers feeds , with world clocks and a full widget for the weather, but also the function of Bookmarks so far is experimental but that makes navigation very comfortable among them.

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7 extensions to change the appearance of the “new tab” in Google Chrome

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September 6, 2013

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