A market survey estimates that 70 million users for virtual reality in late 2017

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    With profits of more than 8,000 million.
    Firm Superdata , specialist analysis and market research, has ventured more than 70 million users for Virtual reality in its many plataformas- at the end of 2017 . According to the study, that would mean more benefits 8,000 million in hardware and 6,000 million in software sales.
    Superdata based their study on the success seen at the launch of the Samsung Gear VR , the device that allows to fit a smartphone from the Korean company -Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Galaxy Edge, Edge S6 Plus or Samsung Galaxy Note 5- to enjoy virtual reality. The glasses can be purchased for $ 99, and since its appeal, since Superdata believe will be one of the reasons why users bet on them.

    users seek to test the glasses smartphones as start for the virtual reality experience

    “At first, this type of devices supported by the smartpones, later, explore platforms most expensive virtual reality and costly. ” Stephanie said Llamas, of Superdata.

    research Superdata suggests that about 31% of American users bet for the PlayStation console VR , a remarkable percentage of a total base and potential 11 million PlayStation 4 in the United States. For its part, the 18% of PC users have intentions to acquire Oculus Rift , another one of the key devices and virtual reality known. Both systems come in 2016. industry for its part, whether it be moving tab


    A market survey estimates that 70 million users for virtual reality in late 2017
    Source: www.vandal.net  
    November 24, 2015

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