All new apps need to be optimized for Oreo to be able to be published on Google Play

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    We are already in August and that means two things: that makes a lot of heat in the northern hemisphere of the planet, and all the new applications published on Google Play must be optimized for Android Oreo. Updates to existing apps even have a bit more leeway: in this case the term is until the next 1 November.

    This measure, which should not catch anyone by surprise as it was announced in December last year, aims to avoid applications that take advantage of loopholes in the API of Android to continue taking actions that will no longer be allowed.

    Optimized does not mean exclusive

    Table Google Play will only allow new apps designed for the API 26, Oreo 8.0

    If you have a mobile with Android, a Nougat, or a previous version (which would not be strange, reviewing the data of distribution of Android the last month), don’t worry, this is not to say that the new apps are no longer available for earlier versions of Android. In technical terms, the restriction applies to the Target SDK, or the version of the SDK for which it has designed the application.

    The target platform SDK is a configuration with which developers can specify which version of Android will be based on the development, and is not the same as minSdkVersion, which determines the minimum version of Android that can run an application. An application optimized for Android Oreo can run without problems on Lollipop, if it has been scheduled.

    A measure to stop rogue

    The fragmentation of Android has forced Google to take a series of measures to increase the backwards compatibility of applications, so that they can continue to run on older versions. This same TargetSDK is one of them, for he is a developer can specify that the application was designed for a previous version of Android and bypass some restrictions of the latest versions.

    This is not always possible, but Android itself allowed a certain flexibility in applications designed for API older in an attempt to allow you to continue working. Thus, applications designed for versions prior to Marshmallow could operate without the need of asking execution permissions.

    Permissions permissions at run time is added in Marshmallow

    So, some developers continue to create their applications optimized for older versions of Android, as a way to avoid restrictions or simply save the work of changing the code to comply with recent changes from Android. This is finished.

    Google Play does not allow already to any developer to upload a new application designed for a previous version of the API 26, Android 8.0, and the November 1 the same will apply to the updates. This measure together other seem to be focused on improving the quality of the apps available in the Google store.

    Via | XDA
    Xataka Android | Google Play bans apps that undermine criptomonedas, duplicate, or full of advertising

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    All new apps need to be optimized for Oreo to be able to be published on Google Play
    August 3, 2018

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