Amazon Assistant is the new app that spies on what you buy to offer you best prices

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  • Amazon Assistant is the new app that spies on what you buy to offer you a best price

    Jezz Bezos wants to know what you’re buying, even when you’re not on Amazon. To achieve this it has launched the service Amazon Assistant, available as extension for various browsers on the PC and as an application on Android.

    Amazon Assistant is an application that despite its name has nothing to do with Alexa. Your goal is to be on the alert with what you do -and what shopping- in browsers such as Google Chrome to display a floating bubble and offer you a counter-offer on Amazon.

    Permission to spy on

    Amazon has launched a Wizard for Android for avoid fall into the error of buy off of Amazon at a more expensive price. The application is available separately in Google Play under the name of Amazon Assistant, although it is also included within the primary application of the house: Amazon Shopping.

    The bad thing of the matter is that to work Amazon need to watch very closely what you do, and to do so you need des permissions special accessibility (yes, the same Google stated that should be used only for accessibility).


    These permissions imply that the application can observe when you’re using certain applications and retrieve the contents of the window. Among the data that is sent to Amazon, which include the URL address, the search terms, the search results, the metadata of the pages, and limited to content of the page.

    Amazon will use this information to compare the prices of this product on your own site and show a bubble notification we inform you that this product is on Amazon. Playing in it you can get more information and compare the prices with the web page that you were looking at that time.


    This application can be useful if you prefer to buy on Amazon to other sites, although there is no doubt that in some way you’re selling your soul -at least to the profile of purchases is concerned – to the company.

    Also with image search

    Another way to use this Wizard, Amazon is as search of image Google Lens. To do this you must use the share menu Android with the image you want to search and choose Amazon Assistant on the list.


    you will then display a list of products found on the site that are consistent with that image. Here helps a lot use an official photo of the product to aid in the recognition satisfactory.

    Amazon Assistant

    Amazon Assistant

    More information | Amazon

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    The news Amazon Assistant is the new app that spies on what you buy to offer you best prices was originally published in Xataka Android by Ivan Ramirez .

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    Amazon Assistant is the new app that spies on what you buy to offer you best prices
    November 29, 2019

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