Android P add native support to the iris scanner as an unlock method

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    it Seems that Android Q is going to focus a lot on security. According to leaks, this future version avoid the applications in the background can make use of the microphone or the camera. Not only that, but also añadiria official support for a “new” method of unlocking.

    In Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich came the face unlock, with Android 6.0 Marshmallow the fingerprint reader and now in a future version will come with the iris scanner: to Android.

    iris Scanner in Android Q

    Until now, manufacturers that wanted to add support to the iris scanner had to implement on their own all the support, modifying the entire source code of Android. In the future you will not have to be that way.

    In the web page of the open source Project of Android (AOSP) we see you as an employee of the company of biometric sensors Fingerprints informs the development of that support for the native version of Android.

    In this case what will replace the class FingerprintUnlockController -which manages the fingerprint reader – a generic call BiometricsUnlockController to deal with both the fingerprint reader as the iris scanner.

    Android will offer the class and to support this new feature within the Android interface, but will be the manufacturer that you’ll have to add in that new class the necessary code for your iris scanner to work. The manufacturer will not have to modify the interface of the unlock screen, you already come prepared for this new unlock method.

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    Xataka Android | Android P will have new design and adaptable to mobile phones with a notch and flexible screens, according to Bloomberg

    The news Android Q would add native support to the iris scanner as an unlock method was originally published in Xataka Android by Cosmos .

    Xataka Android

    Android P add native support to the iris scanner as an unlock method
    February 28, 2018

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