Are you tired of that Facebook is chive of your birthday? How to prevent your contacts know of the date

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  • The popular applications generate doubts recurrent, quite a few of them related to privacy, and, within this framework, with the fact that we do not like to give sneaking-in excess of our person. In the universe Facebook, usually have no problem in indicating on the profile the birthday date, but there are users that report the open form of the age, not to seduces too. Whether for this reason or because it seeks to avoid the invasion of notifications with the congratulations (a few do illusion, and other responses are formal contacts minimum link to the notice of the specified date), it is possible to change the settings in a simple way.Now we are in our profile, what concerning the age and the birthday is filled in the section: ‘Information’, in which we give details about the job, the education, the family, our relationships, places where we have been, events of note… If you place the mouse cursor over the date that it is intended to hide the option ‘edit your basic information and contact’.once the corresponding click in the white space to the right of the rows of date and year-to emerge the route ‘edit’ with the icon of the path chosen up to now. If the press fit four possibilities: leave it to the public, they only know the friends, ‘only I’ and ‘custom’. For what we want is to be left to set the corresponding lock ‘only me’ and then save Hide one of the two data (date of birth, and year) does not imply to do the same with the other. Each one requires your small step and you can choose to ‘hide’ the two details, only one or, as we do in the source to create the account, none.
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    Are you tired of that Facebook is chive of your birthday? How to prevent your contacts know of the date
    December 6, 2019

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