Avatars to clone your favorite actor or revive the dead

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    • The south Korean company Elrois has created the application ‘With me’, which combines artificial intelligence and 3D scanning.
    • This ‘app’ allows you to interact in a photo with the “double” that the user choose, whether it be a friend, a well-known deceased or a famous character.
    • ‘With me’ will be available at the end of this year.

    'With me', the app that allows you to interact with the avatar from a photo

    to Interact in the camera of the mobile with the avatar of a footballer or famous actress. Or that couple that resides far away or, why not, of a deceased family member. A south Korean company makes it a reality with an app which mixes artificial intelligence and 3D.

    “it All started as an idea to be able to include celebrities in videos and photos taken with the smartphone,” explains an employee of Elrois, the company that developed this product called With me (Me in English) in their offices south of Seoul.

    The madness to wake up in South Korea so-called idols (the stars of K-pop or of their popular soap operas) was the one that led to Elrois, founded in 2013, is to embark on the creation of an app that, from the start you wanted to make in English, and for a global audience.

    Although the famous were the source, the development team began to think that it would also be fun to use With me to be able to put in photos, for example, “a friend who has not been able to come to a trip or to a party”, they explain.

    “Then I thought of my grandmother, who had died recently, and I commented that it would be great to scan their photos to be able to enter it in the snapshot today,” says Lim Eun-jin, of the development team.

    The group adopted happily this last idea and published in its journal development in internet without thinking that the concept would stall the car even more strong among the public and up to generate debate.

    “people started to comment on the Network that appears to an application designed for a chapter of Black Mirror (tv series british that raises stories dystopian about the use of new technologies yet to be invented)!”, added between laughs Lim.

    Whether to resurrect the dead, or to be pictured kissing a singer of success, With me will be available to the users of smartphone at the end of this year, account Kwak Ji-hoon, team manager of planning.

    Photo interactive

    The application uses a 3D scanning, to which is added what is called a system of rig -“a skeleton,” three-dimensional that is used as a basis to encourage the subject or object scanning – and a program of artificial intelligence (AI).

    Kwak explains that in order to create an avatar you can use a scanning device in 3D (including those equipped with already some phones of last generation, or that can be purchased in the form of application) and then upload it to a website of the company and from there download it to the phone.

    The user introduces his name and becomes a selfie to the AI’s avatar to be able to speak to him and identify him through facial recognition.

    The result is a dual virtual that the input is able to guess the age of the user with surprising accuracy.

    At the press of a button on the screen you can talk (in English) with the avatar to ask you for a kiss, say “I love you” or also to inform you that we are angry with him.

    The dual digital understands the voice commands instantly and responds by clasping the snout, getting mad (also in English) or posing with one arm arched to form a heart with the arm of the user (a typical gesture between couples young asian women to be photographed).

    “There are many applications to create avatars, but we are the first company that will market the possibility of having interaction displayed with one of these double,” says Kwak, whose company expects to employ this technology in other fields (such as video games) in the next two or three years.


    Avatars to clone your favorite actor or revive the dead
    Source: www.20minutos.es  
    July 12, 2017

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