‘Black Lighting’ will be the fifth series of DC super heroes on The CW

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    Black Lighting

    In The CW are delighted to life with four series based on DC super heroes. In fact, a few weeks ago that renewed all at the same time, which has left sufficient free time to their managers to plan for the future of this cash universe formed until now by ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’, ‘Supergirl’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’. That could change soon, as latest the jump to the small screen of ‘Black Lighting’.

    What is certain is that inicialmene was envisaged that the ‘Black Lighting’ was to FOX, but the chain decided not to move forward with the pilot. That was the time when appeared The CW to the rescue and now is in negotiations with Warner Bros. TV the details for getting down to work. By now you have already come to an agreement for the pilot, and then, if nothing happens strange, with the series. We, who do not yet have the green light, but there are more reasons to think that The CW will be finally with her.

    The fact that Greg Berlanti is behind its development plays certainly in favor of the idea that The CW will be left with ‘Black Lighting’. On this occasion, has counted with the collaboration of Mara Brock Akil, creator of ‘The Game’ and ‘Being Mary Jane’, and Salim Akil, her husband. It is good to remember that with ‘Riverdale’ was exactly the same, because FOX did not wanted to stay with her, something that The CW used to be done with it.

    By the way, Black Lighting is the alter ego Jefferson Pierce, a superhero black that ceased to perform as such years ago, but for family reasons -his daughters have inherited their powers, and are beginning to use them – you are forced to re-wear your costume to fight against the criminals of Suicide Slum, a slum area of Metropolis.

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    ‘Black Lighting’ will be the fifth series of DC super heroes on The CW
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    February 5, 2017

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