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    With the time our email account is starts to fill messages are not at all interesting: notifications, spam and mailing lists you don’t remember having subscribed are the order of the day. The solution: unsubscribe mailing lists.

    you Can unsubscribe manually, or with the help of Gmail, but after many years of harvesting email lists, the task can be herculean. Cleanfox is an application that helps you to clean up your mail account trash to blow swipes Tinder, similar to

    what is it Cleanfox


    Cleanfox is predominantly an application to clean up your email account. It is compatible with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and any other IMAP mail account and what that does is analyze your email for mailing lists.

    After will show you a succession of cards with what he has found, giving you the option to keep the messages, delete them without more or delete them and also unsubscribe of the list. For the latter use the typical links of “if you want to unsubscribe, write to this address” that is found in many messages.

    First, add your e-mail account

    As is obvious, the first thing you need is to add your email account to Cleanfox. The application is compatible with the vast majority of services, accepting Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail/Outlook. The rest of the suppliers should also work, as long as they have IMAP enabled, although in this case it may be a little more difficult to configure.

    Add your Gmail account is extremely easy, especially if it is the same account that you have already configured in Android. The only thing you need is to select the account and grant it the necessary permissions. In this case, Cleanfox you need to have full control for read, send and delete mail.


    you will Probably pull a little back to grant so much power to an application that you’ve discovered, and it is a good way of thinking. In the application ensures time and again that it is an application 100% free and secure, earn the bread by the transmission of anonymous statistics about habits of purchase online, and the Internet.

    as in the case of Unroll.methe statistics that are generated have the personal information redacted. You can read the privacy policy, which for once is written in plain words although, yes, it is available only in English. Although CleanFox does not sell your information to third parties nor used for advertising, if you are concerned about your privacy you probably want to clean up your email manually, and without the intervention of anyone, of course.

    Analyzes your email


    Cleanfox need to “read your mail”, which you can take a minute if you accumulate thousands of messages. If you want to go make a coffee, it is a good occasion, but surely that has finished before you go back. You do not need to do anything right now. It will be in the next step when you tap to choose the destination of each mailing list that CleanFox detected in your account.

    In my tests I have had to do this analysis twice to my Gmail, because I was “disconnected” while I used it. During use CleanFox you need to move, send and delete many messages, and it is possible that it is Google itself who disconnect for suspecting that something is wrong. In any case, everything is fixed with a reconnect.

    Clean up your mail, sliding


    When the analysis is complete you will begin to show a succession of cards information about different chains of mail. It is normal that correspond with notifications and mailing lists. You can see the sender and how many messages you have received.

    just like in Tinder, you can manipulate the cards deslizandolas towards one side or another. In this case, there are three possibilities that you have, that correspond with the buttons that appear at the bottom of the window:

    • Slide up: does nothing, it keeps the message as is.
    • Swipe left: deletes the messages.
    • Slide right: clears the message and tries to delete the subscription.

    this Entire process happens in the background and an invisible mode, so that pou can remove a lot of subscriptions in a record time. What would have taken several hours in Gmail will cost you a few minutes of exercise your finger.

    Cleanfox use the email addresses provided by the own e-mail lists to unsubscribe. In fact, if you visit the tag Sent to your e-mail you will see all the messages that have been sent CleanFox in the process.


    These email addresses do not always exist so it is possible to receive messages of “was not found the address” in your mail. This is normal and the best thing you can do in this case is to delete them as they arrive.

    In short, clean up your email account with CleanFox is quite simple, to change a bit of your privacy, anonymized or not. With the plague of spam and mailing lists to which they are subjected our inboxes, all help is little, and the main advantage of CleanFox is to make the process more fun and basically the only alternative to, for now.



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    Cleanfox: líbrate of the mailing lists to Tinder
    December 4, 2017

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