Collection Harry Potter steelbook of ‘Interstellar’ and doll of Rick Deckard in our Hunting Bargains

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    Another week escapes us about almost without us noticing it, and the worst thing of all is that this means that tomorrow’s tap it back to normal and employ the majority of our time at work. I wish I had some way of making it more bearable. Wait, there is, to spoil yourself taking advantage of the best deals on the world of film and television.

    This new edition of our Hunting for Bargains includes, among others, the steelbook of ‘Interstellar’, the entire collection of ‘Harry Potter’, the entire series of ‘How I met your mother’ and ‘Borgen’, the Funko Pop Rick Deckard and stuffed toys of Disney. Let’s go there!


    • Steelbook of ‘Interstellar’ on blu-ray: a neat edition in metal box, ideal for collectors, the wonderful film directed by Christopher Nolan: 16,99 €

    • Steelbook of ‘Cinderella’ on blu-ray: the very reivindicable version real image of the Classic Disney has not missed the appointment with the metal box: 11,99 euro

    • Steelbook trilogia of the apes on blu-ray: it comes to the sale until the next 13 of November, but this kind of editions in metal box are fairly traded and in some cases are exhausted before you reach to get to the sale…: 34,44 eur

    • Steelbook of ‘Scott Pilgrim against the world’ on blu-ray: to me me a little bit disappointed the adaptation directed by Edgar Wright, but not short on fans, and here you have an edition that would stay in his fable on the shelf: To 11.69 euros

    • Steelbook of ‘Wonder Woman’ on blu-ray: goes on sale this next week and it is more than likely that a few days have already gone all the copies, which even includes the 3D version, so if you want to, don’t you think a lot: 27,64 eur



    • Funko Pop Rick Deckard: as was expected, Funko has not missed his appointment with his characteristic bobble head of ‘Blade Runner 2049’, and here we bring you the dedicated to the legendary character played by Harrison Ford: 12,49 € (and enters in an offer of 3×35 eur)

    • Figures of Kenshin: six figures with different designs of the excellent anime ‘Kenshin’: 29,70 €

    • Stuffed animals of Disney characters: the Disney Store has reduced to 13 euros, the usual price of several of their stuffed animals, medium-sized, among which stand out the Stitch, Dumbo, Pluto, or the Cat of ‘Alice in wonderland’: 17 euro

    • t-Shirt Pickle Rick from ‘Rick and Morty’: t-shirt based on one of the episodes highlights of the third season of Adult Swim: 15,08 eur

    • Living Doll of Michael Myers: the Living Dolls have designs to suit all tastes and sure to be more of a lover of horror movies you are interested in this dedicated to the legendary character created by John Carpenter: 24,60 euros

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    The news Collection Harry Potter steelbook of ‘Interstellar’ and doll of Rick Deckard in our Hunting Bargains was originally published in Espinof by Mikel Zorrilla .


    Collection Harry Potter steelbook of ‘Interstellar’ and doll of Rick Deckard in our Hunting Bargains
    October 9, 2017

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