Collection of ‘Ghostbusters’, complete series of ‘The Sopranos’ and 3D puzzle King’s Landing in our Hunting Bargains

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  • Tony Soprano

    One more Sunday we went on time to our appointment with the best deals in the world of television and this week. The menu for this week includes, among others, the collection of ‘Ghostbusters,’ in steelbook, the whole series of ‘The Soprano’ and 3D puzzle king’s Landing. Let’s go there!


    • Collection of ‘Ghostbusters’ on steelbook and blu-ray: the ideal occasion for those lovers of the two installments of the saga to do with it. A great presentation and a very attractive price: 11,88 eur

    • ‘Bread. Trip to never never’ in UHD and blu-ray. it is hard to believe that it comes out cheaper to do it with it so with the standard version on blu-ray, so it will be best that fans of the movie, which some of you may have, take advantage of this bargain: 7,60 euros

    • Steelbook of ‘Tremors’ on blu-ray: it is a shame that we go to be without seeing the tv series in which Kevin Bacon was going to get back to the saga, but we can take comfort making us with the remarkable first installment in a metal box and high definition: 14,99 eur

    • 10% or 15% extra on a selection of films: a discount of 10 or 15% does not sound like much, but it is a extra at a discount considerable of this wide selection of blu-rays**: 10% extra discount or 15% with these other

    • Steelbook of ‘Mars Attacks’ on blu-ray: the hilarious comedy of Tim Burton with careful presentation ideal for collectors: 14,87 eur Sorapno

    • ‘The Sopranos’, the complete series on blu-ray: a golden opportunity to get one of the series most acclaimed of all time: 63,49 euro

    • ‘Supernatural’, seasons 1-12 on blu-ray: a convenient pack for lovers of the Winchester, but eye, this is the british version, so not all the seasons, which include audio and subtitles in Spanish: 68,99 euros

    • Up to 40% discount: The English Court has activated a promotion that will enable you to acquire your series (or movies) favorite with up to a 40% discount if you buy four units (the discount drops to 30% if there are three, and 20% for two): Discount up to 40%

    • 3×2: for its part, the FNAC proposes a discount, which translates in to purchase three series (or movies) and pay for only the two most expensive: three for the price of two

    • ‘Mad Men’, complete series on blu-ray: eye because this pack comes well on the top offer, so that you can get at a price of laughter: 49,99 €


    • 3D Puzzle of the Landing of the King. the product dreamed of for fans of ‘Game of Thrones’ and the puzzles, though, as neither should there be so many of you have gotten a downgrade significant: 11,95 eur

    • Funko Pop Tiffany: the bride of Chucky, the dreadful doll diabolical, also has its figure bighead of Funko: 9,95 eur

    • Set of figures of ‘One Piece’: several dolls of the celebrated anime header for the brave Luffy: 6.95 euros

    • Figure Rafiki: a well-kept figure made in resin of one of the characters from ‘The lion king’. With the seal of quality to usual Jim Shore: 14,42 euros

    • Figure Vegeta version ape: lovers of dragon ball will remember the mythical transformations in ape of some of its protagonists, and now you can be your own the Vegeta: 22,99 euros

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    Collection of ‘Ghostbusters’, complete series of ‘The Sopranos’ and 3D puzzle King’s Landing in our Hunting Bargains
    July 29, 2018

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