Create questionnaires with YouTube videos using Blubbr

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    Blubbr is a web service that lets you create quizzes and trivia in a few minutes using YouTube videos.

    Operation is very simple. One time we called our trivia paste into the search box the URL of the YouTube video that we use. Automatically directed to the service panel where we begin to create our questionnaire, with all the information and tools needed.

    displayed What people choose our questionnaires? Before each trivia will see a video clip to automatically switch to options with a maximum of 20 seconds to answer. It will tell if they have the right answer and the number of points they have achieved.

    Following the same dynamic can create quizzes, educational quizzes and games to compete with our friends in social networks. We can see the questionnaires that users have shared Blubbr, exploring the different categories.

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    Create questionnaires with YouTube videos using Blubbr
    January 2, 2013

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