‘Doctor Foster’, bright and visceral drama about infidelity

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    I have been fatal to schedule me with the series that I like. The pace of issuance of the US series now in autumn season means that, except for a few exceptions, do not have too long to see the latest jewelry that are coming out in the UK. The latest example we have a solid British drama called ‘Doctor Foster’ .

    ‘Doctor Foster’ is a series of BBC One to be along he issued last September and has been a great success for the channel, gathering around nine million viewers . A success that has earned him una renewal for a second season.

    In these five episodes, Mark Bartlett writes the story of Dr. Gemma Foster (Suranne Jones), GP (well, the British equivalent). She is a member of the clinic where she works and her husband Simon (Bertie Carvel) is working on the great project of his life. But it all starts to fall apart when Gemma discovers a blond hair scarf Simon . Pulling the thread confirms the suspicion: her husband has a mistress


    visceral suffering and Gemma


    This is a time in which is much discussion about the presence of women in {insert artistic / cultural sector here}. Whether television, film or comic, say some of the hottest media, a lack of female voices and well constructed characters shown. Even in recent years it has become popular the Bechdel test on the presence of women.

    Without being written by women as similar dramas as ‘The Good Wife’ or ‘The Affair’, ‘Doctor Foster’ is an intimate portrait of the breakdown of a marriage with the main focus placed on Gemma. Bartlett worries get to Gemma that is so strong and cunning as apparently unstable and visceral. How Gemma takes this infidelity and how it all affects their personal and professional life, it is to explore the terrain with considerable success.

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    In fact not much Gemma Foster of Alicia Florrick or Helen Solloway, especially the first distance. The not so holy “Saint Alicia” Foster has a disciple. S uranne Jones plays to perfection the main character, constructed so that the viewer does not feel compelled to ampararla, help her, not even liking to us or that we understand, rather we support her decisions.

    The direction of Tom Vaughan punctiliously fulfills its mission. Provides visually overwhelmed, the ephemeral happiness, the good and the bad times. On the other hand, the interpretive work is flawless . In fact the only downside I can make is that ‘Doctor Foster’ will deflate as it goes, but it is also true that the first episode sets the bar very high.

    ‘Doctor Foster’ has positioned as one of the great series so far this season . A short, intimate and well done despite having occasional ups and downs throughout its five episodes drama. The second season promises a follow-up post-debacle without and date, and look forward to.

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    ‘Doctor Foster’, bright and visceral drama about infidelity
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    November 9, 2015

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