Edition USED: The series less views, cancellations and resurrections to average, rights issues and more

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Many still you will be recuperándoos of the excesses own of the arrival of a new year, so perhaps now is the time to rest for a while and inform you about the main developments of this week in the north american television. There are not many for being in the dates that we are and in addition almost all of them have a negative component, since the problems of rights to the series the less views of autumn, and also by way of cancellations, and also resurrections, stockings…

The problems of ‘Tales from the crypt’

surely I’m not the only one who feels a great curiosity towards the new ‘Tales from the crypt’ sponsored by M. Night Shyamalan, but we will still have to wait more. The reason? the rights Issues are delaying the project. By the looks of it, TNT has made important progress in this regard during 2016, but there are still ends to close and it seems that the thing will not come out definitely ahead until you let them finalized. Logical.

cancellation on average of ‘Riley and the World’

Girl Meets World

The surprise was remarkable for the followers of ‘Riley and the world’ (‘Girl Meets World’) when Rider Strong, who will life in the series to Shawn, announced in a podcast that the series had come to an end with its third season. We announced its cancellation when there are still by airing three episodes. However, the team of writers announced shortly after on twitter that the future of the series is yet to be decided, but that Disney will soon take a decision. All in all, does not look good.

The surprising cameo of George Lucas ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

You will have the opinion that each one want about him, but George Lucas is one of the most important names in the history of the seventh art as having created ‘Star Wars’. That is something that ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ is going to take for that to appear in the episode that we’ll see you next January 24.

Will have the face of Matt Angel and the argument in the same turn that certain temporary changes will lead to leave the film school, something that directly affects the future of Ray and Nate the disappearance of certain works that they had inspired in its time -Star Wars in the case of Ray and Indiana Jones, a character also created by Luke, Nate – when deciding your professional future.

Carrie Fisher will reappear in ‘Parent’

The tragic news of his death has triggered an enormous interest towards the work still unpublished Carrie Fisher. It is evident that the most expected is the Episode VIII of Star Wars, but before we will listen to it on two episodes of ‘Parent’ to lend their voice to the supervisor of Peter Griffin, as they already finished their recording sessions. For now it is unknown when they will issue exactly, but yes that will be over in 2017.

The disappointing game changer ‘Vikings’

Much is spoken these days of the great importance of the episode of ‘Vikings’ released this week. We will not say the reason, but yes that is something that is not been translated into a question of hearings, because the chapter obtained during their live broadcast 2.25 million viewers and a 0.62 in the ratings, which implies a minimum variation with respect to the previous one, which was 2.14 million and a 0.63.

it is Worth that Christmas they played against them, but to change the competition was virtually non-existent

The series the less views of fall

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

we Live in a scenario in which the follow-up on direct each time losing more weight. However, it still plays a very important role, so it never hurts to see the series that the worse they work on each network (up to a maximum of five per string, so there is no more than The CW, whose grill full would there not be) both in terms of audiences and ratings during your live broadcast:

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ (738.000 spectators), ‘Not Tomorrow’ (1.14 million viewers) ‘Frequency’ (1,66 million), ‘The Vampire Diaries’ (1,67), ‘Jane the Virgin’ (1,84), Scream Queens (2,27), ‘New Girl’ (2,99), ‘The Exorcist’ (3,02), ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ (3,23), ‘The Real O Neals’ (4,08), ‘Agents of SHIELD’ (4,86), ‘once Upon a Time’ (5,04), ‘Dr. Ken’ (5,08), ‘Superstore’ (5,69), ‘The Good Place’ (5,80), ‘2 Broke Girls’ (6,98), ‘Man with a Plan’ (7,45), Elementary (year by 7.58 per).

And the thing is as well if you look at the demos: ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ (0.3), ‘Not Tomorrow’ (0.4), ‘Frequency’ (0.5), ‘The Vampire Diaries’ (0.7), ‘Jane the Virgin’ (0.8), ‘Scream Queens’ (1.0), ‘The Exorcist’ (1.1), ‘Rosewood’ (1.1). ‘Dr. Ken’ (1.1), ‘Elementary’ (1.2), ‘The Real O Neals’ (1.3), ‘Pitch’ (1.3), ‘The Odd Couple’ (1.3), ‘Pure Genius’ (1.4), ‘Madam Secretary’ (1.4), ‘Superstore’ (1.8), ‘The Good Place’ (2.0), ‘Blindspot’ (2.0).

If you are on both lists, a lot of eye. The main exception to the rule could be the series of The CW, where some time ago has opted for continuity, but I have my doubts about the fact that these data are to go ahead with ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’, ‘Frequency’ and ‘Not Tomorrow’ already has cancelled virtually when not to order more episodes…

did you Confirmed the return of ‘Will & Grace’?

Will Grace

a couple of months ago we learned that NBC I was considering the return of ‘WIll & Grace’. Well, it seems that there are reasons to be optimistic, because Leslie Jordan, who played in the series the role of Beverly Leslie, has announced that the back has a green light, which consist of 10 episodes and will be issued during the next season. The chain still has not wanted to rule.

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