11 chungas Android customizations

11 chungas Android customizations

Android is an operating system that since its inception has stood by us all the facilities in the world when it comes to customize to our liking. For those with good taste and / or design know this can be an attractive to help them unleash their imagination, but for those who are a little more is a dangerous clumsy opportunity to show our ” art. “

Today we will illustrate the world of Android customizations with a collection of 11 examples that will help us see what happens when we start with good intentions but design is running out going Hand. We have everything from launchers to going even ROMs mobile designs.


11 chungas Android customizations

The year was 2013, were crazy times and people experimenting with all kinds of substances. Some designer Sugar abused before starting to work in a new ROM and bare result is Hello Kitty, all full of pink, pastel colors and a wide range of wallpapers to choose which is the bonitodelamuerte .

Obviously for colors and tastes are not receiving threatening letters would mess with an icon of the twentieth century as the famous kitten, but I think one thing to make wallpapers and quite another to create a full ROM with icons and other. Even so, if you have a Samsung Galaxy Y and want to try entering free thirst your XDA thread.

Annihilator Rom

11 chungas Android customizations

An overloaded aspect is an overloaded appearance, and this does not change either using pink cats or overdose of sugar skulls Super malotas thugs and a suspect radioactive green. This Annihilator Rom is a clear example of this, launched in 2012 for the HTC EVO and there were people who complained about how ugly it was in the comments his post at XDA.

But as we said before we have to respect the tastes of others for very different from themselves as they are, so I promise not to look at you wrong if I will ever see her on the street. Still, the fact that the ROM even saw a second version and is spread on more devices should give us an idea of ​​the impact achieved.


11 chungas Android customizations

From the depths of 2012 will also bring this other ROM specifically designed for users of Sony Xperia Arc, especially if they have an unhealthy fixation on the color gold and want to have it in every corner of your Android.

Icons, bars, clocks, wallpapers and even the number to make a call or application icons keys, all are in a bright golden color that will delight both the Russian millionaires as of who want to show off gold up in the soup.

Locker Master and Enakei

11 chungas Android customizations

Locker Master is a fantastic application that allows us to change both the lock screen as the general appearance of the device to our taste, which is a double-edged sword, especially when it falls into the hands of those who are around us precisely design experts.

We could do a wide range of using only designs of this application, but we will just show you just a couple of them, one of which is this lock screen Enakei, all of them full of hearts and pastel colors. The design that takes the rest of Android not have waste and if you like you can download it with this link.

The Worst Locker Theme Live

11 chungas Android customizations

Also thanks Locker application to the Master comes this other issue not tien any complex or you will fall rings defining himself with a name that means “The worst song” application, and although apparently not without reason such is their impudence that can come to us to be even cool

With this lock screen we can download directly from Google have a cute handmade doll with a background, a clock and even an indicator Battery also appear hand drawn. It is possible that this is the unique design of our list get to be rather sketchy and adorable.

From Reddit with love … and overload

11 chungas Android customizations

Imagine what can happen whether on a social network such horrific proportions as Reddit someone throws a challenge to capture users upload their worst and most horrific themes Android. The answer is simple: we find wonders like this, filled with oversized desk and ordered horrososamente icons. If Android goes a long

Minimalism pure state …

11 chungas Android customizations

In the same thread de Reddit also we find this gem, but as before it seems to be designed especially for the contest, shows that bet on minimalism is not always effective, especially if we were getting out of hand and overload too the wallpaper.

Material Design Premium and Christmas

11 chungas Android customizations

The pitchers are in high demand applications when trying to give a fresh air to our devices, and I am sure that those who are committed to spending 16 eurazos costing the Next expect in return a good collection of launchers premium with to do only their phones.

And if any Hayles, but we can also find “designs” such as Material Xmas Theme G2 G3, which combines a passable wallpaper with traces of Material Design with a Christmas motifs recharged perhaps a bit and some icons that I simply can not describe.

G-METAL GO Launcher EX

11 chungas Android customizations

It’s been 16 years since the release of The Matrix, but still are today suffering the consequences of designs derived from its aesthetic. Still if you like radioactive green colors and icons with metallic appearance is possible that this G-METAL GO Launcher EX Go Launcher you can attract, although we never confess

Lamborghini TL700

11 chungas Android customizations

But chungas Android customizations they not always have to be related to its internal aspect, in fact phone designers they have also given us a scare with bold proposals, some of which were tacky to a fault with the excuse of being products of luxury, as in the case of the Lamborghini TL700.

We could see this mobile Android a mid-2012, and inside they were beating a Qualcomm processor at 1.2 GHz, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage, all with a 3.7 inch display with sapphire crystal and a price about 2,200 euros to change. In fact posts to throw the house out the window, this mobile marry perfectly with the theme gold that we have shown makes a few lines, right?

Samsung S5310 Galaxy Pocket Neo Hello Kitty

11 chungas Android customizations And we end as we started, with Helly Kitty. And all because in recent years Samsung has launched several devices with a design in which this character is included, as is the case of Samsung S5310 Galaxy Pocket Neo.

This is a phone with 3-inch TFT screen, a single core processor at 850 MHz, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal storage, of which his peculiar and sugar will only ROM 1.78 GB left free to users. Sorry if you what you wanted to buy because is already more than discontinued. What a pity!

And these are eleven of the most gruesome designs we’ve found for Android leaving aside the eternal controversy of the official ROMs from some manufacturers. But we are sure that you can make more proposals and indeed we invite you to do so in the comments

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