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Google Now collage Wallpaper 44 wallpapers Google Now for your Android

A few days ago, a Redditor found Flickr page Brent Couchman , the illustrator responsible for the funds of Google Now adding a special touch to the implementation of Google .

Anyway, only three wallpapers were available from a multitude of variants that are huge. Many users find the network tried to use them in your own mobile and give Google a style Now.

Brent Couchman is a freelance graphic designer who has worked for brands such as Fossil . Work by the artist who has been recognized recently by different associations in the United States and with the appearance in funds Now Google has given another dimension to their work. By the way, a designer who quickly observe his work from now on, you will know immediately who is having her own style.

After the discovery, for those interested, today is one days lucky if you have the desire to get those wonderful wallpaper Google Now, since the user Atharva Washimkara charged a huge collection on your Google+, the same cries that contains most of all funds that exist.

Browsing through the collection, have been found classic such as “Rocky Mountains” or “Great Plains”, but have also been able to locate any kind of funds as the cities London, Berlin, New York or Honolulu. Here we show some of these well-designed backgrounds

Great Plains Dawn 150x150 44 wallpapers for your Android Google Now Honolulu Dawn 44 150x150 wallpapers Google Now for your Android Rocky Mountains Evening 150x150 44 wallpapers for your Android Google Now Seattle Evening 150x150 44 Google wallpapers Now for your Android

funds are in high resolution , so you should be able to use them in a wide variety of devices. For all other funds you can download from this same link .

It would be nice that at some point Google crease a wallpaper with all these funds by time and location automatically switching to depart, such as with Google Now.

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Source – Android Authority

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44 wallpapers for your Android Google Now
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June 22, 2013

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