5 + 1 series of Movistar Series that you can not miss

5 + 1 series of Movistar Series that you can not miss

The warm weather arrives, and with it, also get good yields Movistar Series. And the mid-season also often surprises with interesting proposals. Leveraging who have already finished (almost) all series that began earlier in the season, back in September, you propose 5 + 1 exclusive series of Movistar Series you can not miss and will serve to shorter waiting for the next season.

Better Call Saul


It is not the first time that I have spoken of this spin-off of Breaking Bad, and quite possibly not be the last. Better Call Saul is It has become one of the series revelation of the year , and the truth is that has come exclusively Movistar Series makes it one of the best claims to put us to see if you still have not. Better Call Saul has the best of Breaking Bad on a new proposal to known and unknown characters who have to give it a try.



Powers Marvel series is produced for PlayStation Network that comes exclusively Movistar Series. With all the first season available, Powers tells the story of an ex-superhero who has to ensure that criminals who also have superpowers not cross the line in the middle of a society in which normal and superheroes live each other . A highly recommended would be having a different traditional superhero film proposal.

American Crime


As with Better Call Saul, American Crime is one of series to which you have devoted some other post, and this is one of the most interesting productions of American TV for half the year and how could it be otherwise, comes exclusively to Movistar Series. In this sense, the series features the context of the struggle between races, politics and gender dimensions of racial crime in the United States.

The Affair

the affair

If I tell you some of the best of The Wire and Luther are the epicenter of this series must be sufficient reason to run to turn the TV and enjoy winning the Golden Globe for best series of the year in the drama category. Although the name pretty much says it all, The Affair tells the story of two couples focusing the emotional effects of extramarital affairs Noah Solloway and Alison Lockhart. Drama and good.

Real Humans


Äkta människor is the original title of this TV series that we can only see Movistar Series exclusively in a Swedish science fiction drama in which almost human robots live in a society with humans. These robots, called ‘hubots’, are designed to serve humans, but of course, not all robots want to serve humans, not all humans want the robots living with them. . Unmissable, and a proposed European label you should not miss any fan of series

Bonus: Game of Thrones


With the agreement between HBO and Movistar Series, is a perfect opportunity to catch up with Game of Thrones advantage that are available the first four seasons . And with the recent premiere of the fifth season of the series in the United States, to enjoy the first seasons uncut or waiting is the perfect excuse to catch up and be on time at the end of the fifth season without any spoilers.


5 + 1 series of Movistar Series that you can not miss
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April 18, 2015

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