5 applications to take advantage of the camera Huawei P8 – presented byHuaweiES

five applications to take advantage of the camera Huawei P8

At the launch in London of Huawei P8, the brand focused on large photographic capabilities which had its new device for the high-end market. Technical characteristics, and no, the P8 in this section are at a high level as we saw in the gallery pictures we did with the terminal. Besides simple catch with minor or major improvements in detail, with Huawei P8 we can photograph eg strokes of light moving with the Light Painting , achieving a really nice effect, similar to that meaning they offer professional cameras. In addition to the built-in Android 5.0 Lollipop , the operating system software riding, can find applications that will be the ideal complement to further leverage our creativity when taking pictures.



Grapefruit is one of the sensations of the year in the Google Play Store having become editing application number # 1 in many countries. I like grapefruit offering 70 types of filters completely free , a fact not usually see in other applications of this type. It also offers camera with filters in real time so you can choose in advance with the P8 which filter best comes to the decision that we want to get

Download . POMELO in the Play Store. Free



A classic among classics, and raising the lot. After years of neglect by Google, Android reached once suffered a functional and aesthetic redesign, making it finally a solution tailored to what users demand in the market application. It is a great editor, from simple editing adjustments to areas of the picture. If you like photography in black and white, Snapseed is perfect for letting your photos as decades if they had been taken ago. If we owe something Snapseed is completely dignified field of photography in Android, which until then did not shine

Download . Snapseed in the Play Store. Free


 VSCO Cam Android

During the exile of the kingdom Snapseed updates, I searched many alternatives, and the best I found was VSCO. Not only beautiful and moving through menus is easy and intuitive. Personally I think it has the best filters on the market , although they are much more than that because emulate the behavior of historic cameras and suited to the characteristics of each photo, something that completely clashes with the predefined filters and simpletons something to which we are accustomed Instagram by many updates that take

Download . VSCO Cam in the Play Store. Free .



If you are regular users Instagram and want to upload your photos with Huawei P8, you must consider some problems that occur on the platform and we look at the time. On the one hand, just let up square photos, which will be your headache if you want to get a good panning. With InstaShot we can add a blur up, down or sideways photography makes valid effect. The main problem, however, is the compression. Uploading photos directly cut beforehand, the quality does not suffer when compared with the horrible processing regarding the popular social network. If you also want to include texts with InstaShot possible

Download . InstaShot in the Play Store. Free .

Perfectly Clear

 Huawei P8

This application does not it is more than an alternative a priori camera, and not discover its power to install. First, it allows separate adjustment of exposure focus function shared with the Huawei P8 series and is not in default terminals from other manufacturers. How does this help us? We can get much more out in the light of the photos to do as the area in which we choose to expose. I also really like your gallery and variety of grids posing and greatly facilitate the get the perfect framing

Download : Perfectly Clear in the Play Store. € 2.11

What is important

 Rear of Huawei P8

Rear (zone camera) Huawei P8

All applications I propose to enhance the Huawei P8 get it in my opinion, but really they are just little tricks to generally improve or adapt to our liking a picture already taken. The magic of photography is far from that, so I recommend you read a lot and learn to increasingly be making higher-quality photos, always with the premise of capture the moment and the ephemeral . Huawei P8 camera makes you not Plantées other needs to make the shot, just shoot and go. With the advice and apps that I have mentioned, I am sure you will be able further increased your creativity in this field

Remember:. “the best camera is the one you have with you” .


5 applications to take advantage of the camera Huawei P8 – presented byHuaweiES
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June 28, 2015

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