5 best Rent A Car Websites in Dubai

5 best Rent A Car Websites in Dubai

Dubai is the land of luxury reigns and extravagance. It is overwhelmed with the wealth of beauty and opulence. This city of gold has its international glamor and lifestyle. When you visit this wonderful city, one of the best ways to get around in the city is by renting a car. It is a simple and easy task to hire a car in Dubai instead of traveling by metro bus or taxis, cabs. Just you have to pay for rental services and hire a car of your choice. 

You can get a luxurious or extravagant car like a high-quality Sudan, Ferrari, an SUV, or any other car that fits according to your need and demand. Different Rent A Car Dubaicompanies offer you various deals and discounts. They provide you the advantage of car insurance that they give you before renting a car. And if you rent a car for a long-term duration and you are in the city for a month or more, they will give you extra benefits. 

Before deciding between renting car companies make clear and cut research on various car rental websites and check their reviews too. This will help you in making a good decision. 

Top 5 car rentals in Dubai

Here are some of the best car rental websites in Dubai that offer you great deals:

1- Rental Cars UAE

Rental Car UAE gives you the option of selecting 80,000 rental cars from their company. You can pick up your car from any hundred of the locations in Dubai or a driver may drive your car to your location. You also have the option of a drop-off location for the car. This company offers you high and top brands like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Nissan, And Kia and also cheap and normal brands such as Toyota, Hyundai, etc. However, if you want some specific model for the longer term, you have to submit your request to the agent in advance. 

2- Hertz

It is considered one of the best car rental companies in Dubai. Hertz is also known for its quality services for over 90 years in different countries and it has twelve different locations in the city of gold. It not only provides you 24/7 services but also gives you road assistance teams that are accessible to you round the clock. Moreover, if there is any problem with your hired car while driving, you have an option of replacement. It will also provide you a great discount as it is part of its loyalty program. 

3- Number One Car Rentals

This company has been working as a promising merchant for renting services of luxurious cars since 2014. by delivering the most elegant and luxury vehicles to the customers, Number One Car Rentals have been fulfilling the dreams of many customers. It also helps the travelers and visitors in Dubai to find out the best luxury hotel or restaurant at good rates. So, this company offers comprehensive services and luxury packages to visitors in Dubai to meet their needs. 

4- Thrifty

Thrifty is a US-based car rental company that started its operation in the United Arab Emirates in 1989. Its services were started under the umbrella of A.A.Al Moosa Enterprises. This company has been providing services to the residents and visitors of Dubai for the last 40 years. It provides very affordable rates to its customers. You can hire a car from thrifty at very reasonable prices. It has very trained staff for the accommodation of any special request like child safety seats etc. 

5- National Car Rental

It is one of the leading and outstanding car rental companies in Dubai. It provides services in more than 80 countries and it would not be incorrect if we say that it is one of the heads and leaders of the Dubai car rental industry. It provides high-quality services to its customers with a focus on economic rates. National Car Rental (NRC) is a favorite and popular option among the residents of Dubai city. It also gives you the ease of online requests for car rental services. 

You can contact any of the above mentionedcheap rent a car Dubaicompanies to hire the car of your choice. 


Some of the best Rent A Car Websites in Dubai are discussed above. Whenever you are in Dubai and want to rent a car, go through these websites and get the benefits of the different offers they are offering to their customers. After proper research, make a decision on which company is best for you for hiring a car in Dubai. 

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