5D memory may save the entire history of mankind forever

The call 5D memory, five dimensions, is an incredibly powerful, sophisticated and above all, durable technology. It may well exceed the extinction of all our race.

Without mincing words, researchers at the University of Southampton proclaim your memory 5D in five dimensions, could last forever. And it would be so dense that it could cover everything. And the truth is that have reason to brag . Already in 2013 they demonstrated that its technology is not only possible but also feasible. A technology capable of surviving temperature 1000 ° C, virtually immortal and capable of embracing Terabytes information easily. What is such a technology?

Memory 5D, nicknamed “superman”

The center of optoelectronics at the University of Southampton (ORC, for its acronym in English) presented in 2013 by technological model for storing information in five dimensions. To do nanostructured crystals that can store information thanks to a femtosecond laser writing (which means it is very fast, much more than you can imagine) are used. Nothing that can record information “records” of 360TB configurations, resistant up to 1000 ° C, stable for 13.8 billion years to 190 and virtually captive at room temperature. Therefore, this technology could be a before and after for organizations and entities whose data are to be stored in large quantities and an ultra safely

As we mentioned, and in 2013 demonstrated the possibility of using the model recorded in a small piece a texto 300Kb. Late last year, the “International Year of Light”, was presented as part of year-end, this format to UNESCO, who could use the 5D memories as a support to store some of the most important texts of humanity. As an example, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Magna Carta or “Opticks” Newton have been stored in memories 5D to survive the human race. Because in the end, what matters is the information, right? So, the creators of this format, due to the similarity of the art with the “crystals” in which the information Superman is saved, as well as its hardness, have dubbed their technology with the same name.

How does it work?

to prune save the information in such a way, an ultra-fast laser, which operates throwing extremely intense pulse femtosecond time periods is needed. In a second, so that we become to the idea, fit trillion femtosecond (10 ^ 15). The intensity of the laser could not stay long without a prohibitive energy consumption. Hence the reaction is so incredibly short. The laser writes information to points three layers of nanostructured points in the glass spaced five microns (one meter fit five million microns). The nanostructure changes the way that light has to travel through the glass, changing the polarization of light that can be read by an optical microscope with a polarizer. The process is roughly similar to what happens with polarized glasses, but with the help of a microscope. These crystal structures are made of glass fused quartz and tidy.

femtosecond laser

Why are called memories 5D? The information is actually encoded in five dimensions: size, orientation, and the three spatial dimensions determined by the position of these structures. Of course, the format is everything and right now, can not have a reader that allows the use of this technology on a daily basis . Moreover, the record 5D memories and it is in itself a difficult and expensive task. Anyway, as each technological advance just it takes time. Does that mean that in the near future memory 5D can enjoy at home? It is quite unlikely. At least in the recording.

It seems far more likely that the memory 5D only use large entities This is because the cost and technology requires a laser ultra -fast. It’s just permissible for a laboratory. Moreover, a microscope and a polarizer are more affordable. And yet, difficult to work with. But they could be in the home. Similarly, it seems far more likely that the 5D only memory will be used by larger entities in order to preserve the information forever. Task itself is not anything simple, almost impossible, and that is commendable.


5D memory may save the entire history of mankind forever
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