A series of ‘Star Wars’ real picture? Do not discard

Star Wars

Disney will squeeze thoroughly Star Wars to retrieve exceeded 4,000 million que He paid for it to George Lucas in 2012. By now we have seen the highly entertaining ‘Star Wars: the force awakening’ and in just a few months the problem will premiere ‘Rogue One: A History of Star Wars’ , but the news now is that Channing Dungey, ABC entertainment president, has confessed that there are talks to bring ‘Star Wars’ to the small screen .

naturally, had been speculating the possibility of a series in real image of ‘Star Wars’ since Disney took the franchise, but not until now that has been confirmed as a very real possibility. Yes, for now they did not want to go into more details, but would not be surprising that they have wanted to recover a project of Lucas himself who failed to thrive at the time for many reasons.

at the time was scheduled to ‘Sar Wars: Underworld’ was the first series in real image of the saga. He started working on it back in 2005 and was not definitively aside until 2010. Rick McCallum, producer Lucasfilm was his main backer, coming to hire screenwriters Ronald D. Moore to work on it. Your story ambientaba between the prequel trilogy and the original , filling a large gap in the audiovisual universe of ‘Star Wars’.

Underworld Star Wars

in fact, they came to be written up to 50 scripts and McCallan he called himself the most daring done before ‘Star Wars’. The big problem then is that it was a project too expensive He commented minimum 5 million per episode-and see no chain finished feasible because Lucas wanted to keep all rights to it. What has changed now? Well, ABC is owned by Disney, so that everything would stay home

Now simply have to give the story they want to tell and see no need to do so let us be clear on the big screen, the real business is film and not on television, but that is spectacular enough to win over fans of the saga last thing you want-what is get something like ‘Agents of SHIELD’ , whose audiences are far from the real potential of the Marvel universe without the budget shoot to impossible limits assume .

for my part, I have my doubts about the project finally prosper, or at least do it as a live-action series. Yes I see more feasible opting for animation up to recently was the only option that was explored in Disney television-series and in the wake of ‘The Clone Wars’ , or Netflix perhaps Disney and close another important agreement ‘ I could not be happier with el which are currently with several superheroes Marvel, ABC itself because it costs me that something like this could fit. We’ll see

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A series of ‘Star Wars’ real picture? Do not discard
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August 5, 2016

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