All customers Telegram for Android, desktop and Web versions of

All customers Telegram for Android, desktop and Web versions of

Telegram is the application that is on the lips all in recent weeks. The instant messaging client you want to take ownership WhatsApp has expanded very rapidly, exceeding 5 million downloads in a few days, has earned as one of the best applications January.

Now we have explained in detail what Telegram and why has every chance to succeed even more. One of its main features is that it has a GPL, OpenSource license is open source and anyone can access it to modify and adapt to any platform, something that greatly expands their usefulness and can be used almost anywhere and situation. Therefore, in this post we will collect different customers Telegram available for Android, besides the official course, different platforms desktop computers and Web versions to use it from any browser.

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Of course, anyone who uses these customers can talk to others using the official and alternative, there is no problem.

But before we would also expose a problem that seems to be with those who use Telegram and are operator Yoigo. The problem is that they Telegram runs very slow, taking 10 to 20 seconds or more, send each message, this is apparently because Telstra considers P2P and it has castrated. If you are affected, this Twitter Search you can find more information.

Clients Telegram for Android



In addition to the official client, of which we have spoken and you will surely know, to be opened in Google Play code can find some alternatives with the same functions and more. The first and named as the official but adding a tagline is Telegram (unofficial). has the same features and options as the original, but according to several users say, its performance is more stable and even fix the above problem of Telstra.

Application Google Play


Forocoches Since this alternative client arrives Telegram. Shurgram has been created from the original code by some users of this forum and among the changes that are included emoticons that are often used in FC and some texts have adapted the vocabulary forum. For the rest it is like the original, you have more info on your thread.

Application Google Play

TNotifier for SmartWatch

If you have a SmartWatch Sony can have on your screen messages that come to the phone without looking Telegram. TNotifier allows you to read and mark as read messages directly on your wrist and even has the option to open the application remotely. Only compatible with SmartWatch, which will soon get two new versions, the memorial for the World Cup in Brazil and other metal finishing It costs € 0.99 in Google Play

Application Google Play


Clients for the computer, desktop or PC


If your PC using Windows as an operating system, you should know that there is a client application Telegram in format. It is not official and is still in Alpha stage, but it works correctly most of the time. In only need to enter your existing account Telegram. You can download it free from their website in the link

Telegram for Desktop

Mac OS X

For Mac OS X there are two versions, both in beta. On one side Telegram for OS X, it works well and has almost all the functions of Telegram, including sending attachments. It is still in Beta but it is frequently updated, supports from Mac OS 10.7.

Telegram for OS X

find the same developer for Messenger Telegram, is compatible in Mac OS 10.8 and is available free from the Mac App Store

Telegram Messenger for


Finally, the operating system Linux desktop client also offers Telegram, in fact it’s official, but no GUI and everything works through Terminal commands. You can find CLI Telegram at the link below.

Telegram CLI

Telegram for Clients Web

If you want to use Telegram from elsewhere that is not an Android device, not because you want to install any of the above desktop applications or you are on a public computer and you do not, you still have a choice: to use the client for web browsers Telegram whatever

is. is Webogram is unofficial and is still under development, but lets you chat with your contacts directly from a browser window, you only need to enter the mobile number and we will send a code confirmation via SMS.


Extension for Chrome

Although web Webogram works on any browser if you are using Google Chrome you may prefer to always have it on hand always by her extension. The process for use and operation is exactly the same. It can be found free in the Chrome Web Store .

Webogram extension for Chrome

far this collection of clients for most platforms that allow you to continue talks with your contacts from anywhere at any time, one of the great advantages of enjoying Telegram. Remember that most are not official, but created by individuals from the original code of the application, so it may have bugs and be unstable at some point. Yet Telegram gaining adherents and can be a serious rival to WhatsApp if it continues. And you, do you know more customers for Telegram?.

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