Alstom has a rapid charging system for electric buses and trams

Alstom presents a rapid charging system for electric buses and trams

Alstom presented the SRS, a new technology solution that is characterized by the electrical load from the ground.

Public authorities of cities they are looking for solutions for a urban mobility to produce zero emissions . All buses and vehicles are rolling a stone in the shoe to air quality in big cities, despite going improving engine efficiency and significantly reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

But forget the large number of vehicles during the day, through the city or moving through the streets. Verily in Madrid in the first week of this year they had already exceeded the limits established for a whole year. One solution that takes brewing for several years is to get all public transport dependent session or public institutions is zero emissions.

For this reason, the company Alstom It has been presented at the fair in urban mobility UITP held, a new system of quick charge for buses and electric trams in Milan.

A technological solution for a public transport zero emissions

This technology is called SRS (Stationary Solution- Solution Recharge Stations Recharge in) and is based on the APS technology (Power over Ground) already used in Alston Citadis trams. But there are considerable changes: while the APS technology supplies power during the course of the tram, the SRS solution only supplies power when it stops at stations, and thus, can charge their batteries in less than 20 seconds .

This technology is based on the operation of the supercapacitors . Alstom tram is recharged through a conductor rail installed on the surface and by means of conductive pads mounted on the box. When the tram works, between stations, it requires the electricity from the batteries without any catenary. In addition, more efficient, they have equipped them with a system of energy recovery during the braking system, Kers type.


The power is achieved through cabinets , expressly designed to have a small size and simple installation either at stations, and occupy less space.

This system has also been designed so that not only you can use trams manufactured by Alstom, which is an open solution for any tram that today this outstanding and increase their ratio of sales and implementation in cities.

We can not forget that this technological solution, SRS, can also be used for the road transport , thanks to its application in electric buses. The system is very similar to what we saw in trams, charging points would be installed in the floors and so prune stops very quickly recharge batteries buses.


Alstom has a rapid charging system for electric buses and trams
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June 19, 2015

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