An expert explains why roaches are attracted by PS4

Each week you have to repair at least one console affected.

The world of consoles and its hardware is very complex, so much so that we take weeks to debate on the power of Project Vehicle, the new console from Microsoft, and will continue to do so for months. But the issue that now concerns us is quite different. Focuses on repairs of consoles and strangers invited into your circuits.

Cockroaches on your PlayStation 4

it May seem incredible, but it is a very serious matter. The cockroaches have been found in some PS4 the perfect habitat to establish their abodes. So says Patrick Che, expert on hardware that runs a business that repairs consoles called XCubicle in the area of Manhattan and that takes time, running into cases of this caliber.

According to Che, the attraction of the cockroaches for the home console of Sony is mainly due to the arrangement of the layout of the console. These insects are in the area of the power source of the machine an ideal space warm and to survive. From there go on to explore other parts of the console desktop without the player realizing it.

Che receives at least one console with roaches a week and charges about 20 euros for repair

In his explanation to Kotaku, the expert in repairs ensures that this situation occurs in environments where cockroaches are present, and notes that has also seen cases in Xbox One, although fewer in number. The design of the PS4 seems to be made to the extent of these creatures that are causing great embarrassment to certain people because of their body structure and the way they move.

An expert explains why roaches are attracted by PS4

Che was found in not a few cases of consoles that are mined from families of cockroaches that have populated the hardware with their organic waste that end up causing malfunction. Here you must start a thorough process of cleaning to bring up the console, where these beings come up to expand your family with total impunity.

What is certain is that establishments repair consoles also consulted with the environment confirm that they have detected cases of PS4 that have been broken by house the remains of cockroaches in your interior. Their owners, as is logical, never thought that the hardware issues could be caused by a guest such as this. I have some affected in the room?

An expert explains why roaches are attracted by PS4

An expert explains why roaches are attracted by PS4
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