And notifies Google that you have died

Google account from a few years ago with a tool called Manager of inactive accounts that not many people know and that was designed and developed with a view to which users could delete their account on the giant of Mountain View, but also to have the possibility of configuring a few parameters that serve for notify of his death to their acquaintances.This could all be eye-catching or funny if it was not because we already know that one of the big mistakes of Google is the ownership of data of their users once these have died.From Andro4All echo of the guide, published in The Next Web with tips for Facebook or Google, don’t get your data after you are dead.The first thing you have to do is to access to the mentioned Administrator inactive accounts to tell Google how much time must pass to consider your account inactive and, also, to do with your data in that case. Among the options are to share the data with another trusted person or set a time for it to delete your account definitely.The range of time goes from three months of inactivity to 18. Before reaching the limit set by the user, the user will be receiving notices by SMS and email from the last month before the date set by the user.Another possibility is to establish a list of a maximum of 10 persons (with the button ‘add person’) who will take care of some of the data of your account as well as ask Google for a download of the content that has been accumulated in this account will be inactive. These people will be the ones chosen by the user to receive an e-mail notice if the account becomes inactive.
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And notifies Google that you have died
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November 2, 2019

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