Android Pay force you to set a lock screen to use

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The other day we saw that Android Pay began their march in the United States and that a major concern was the security of Google. they have learned from experience with Google Wallet where they never do a really fine job and this time they have taken seriously. The proof of that? Which will be compulsory to set up a screen lock on the phone with us to go to pay.

If you have not set a PIN, an unlock pattern, a registered face or fingerprint, will be impossible Pay a transaction with Android , which makes sense when you consider that we have nothing someone who could take us try to make a mobile purchase very easily

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adding a little security to the mobile payments

A much needed breakthrough also “force” all users to make a more secure mobile. I admit: until I had no android wear or phone with fingerprint sensor I have not bothered to put a pattern or PIN to unlock it. It seems slow to make arrangements that made in seconds.

Fortunately with Smart Lock android wear Lollipop and matched the process going to be much faster . With the fingerprint reader more of the same as it is only necessary to support the yolk to unlock it safely.

important step and very necessary to be taken Android Pay a little seriously. Still, I recently saw that not all security options were quite effective and that, for example, los release patterns were fairly predictable . If you are curious to see the application, the apk is available here even if you do not live in the United States, you can not bring him much profit

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Android Pay force you to set a lock screen to use
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September 12, 2015

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