Android show the battery level of your Bluetooth devices in its future version

Battery Bluetooth Android

With Android 8.0 just around the corner, are already leaks of the new features that could arrive with the next version of the Google mobile operating system, although it is possible that your phone already has this new feature.

The source code of AOSP with a few new lines of code that make reference to the system for the first time, and of official form, warn you of the battery level of Bluetooth devices, who at that time are paired and synchronized with our Android device.

Nexus2cee Capture 6

It’s unknown how Android displays those indicators in the battery of the Bluetooth devices, if you will fill our status bar with indicators, or if it is, it will only show the state of the battery within the Bluetooth settings.

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battery Indicator Bluetooth in Android

Android natively does not show the battery status and Bluetooth, but for years a large variety of manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Huawei, OnePlus or Xiaomi added this feature in their devices, with that many users won’t notice this new feature Google will add soon on Android.

Samsung Bluetooth Battery Level Indicator 1024x111 Samsung: battery Indicator Bluetooth
Oneplus Bluetooth Battery Level Indicator 1024x102 OnePlus: Battery indicator Bluetooth
Lg G5 Bluetooth Battery Level Indicator 1024x55 LG: battery Indicator Bluetooth

what Android 8.1?

it Seems that this novelty will not come to Android 8.0, with what seems that will have to wait to Android 8.1 and enjoy the new indicators for battery Bluetooth, to be able to see quickly and without third-party applications the battery of our wireless headsets, or our watch. Pathway | XDA
Xataka Android | Android Developer Preview 4 is already here, the final version of Android 8.0 will come very soon

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Android show the battery level of your Bluetooth devices in its future version
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July 31, 2017

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