Android Surpasses iOS in Canadian Online Casino Market

Android Surpasses iOS in Canadian Online Casino Market

Discover why Android has become the dominant force in Canada’s online casino market, overtaking iOS. Get insights and analysis on this shift in mobile gaming.

Android Emerges the Leader for Canadian Casino Mobile Gaming

It may be an unpopular opinion, but Android arguably is winning the battle of the operating systems if it has not already. There is a cross-section of people that disagree with this. They would be quick to inform you that they don’t know any Android users. These are most likely users in the US. The thing about the Android-iOS debate is that the former boasts a larger global share while the latter has a slightly larger market share in the US. According to Statcounter statistics, Android has claimed a massive section of the global market at 72.2%. With this much of the world on Android, iOS is left with a measly 26.99% of the global market.

While Android took on a much more accessible model, iOS devices have largely been unreachable for most people worldwide. In Canada and the US, Android users are unrestricted by how much they can spend on gadgets. The quality they get and Google’s aggressive expansion of its ecosystem have won them over.

Android Central to the Growth of Casinos

Casino players are one type of Android users who are not likely to migrate to iOS any time soon. With regulated online gambling in Canada, casino gaming fans find Android the better choice. The range of apps you can download on Android is one of the main reasons most players will pick this operating system over iOS. The battle has also been raging regarding wearables, where Apple seems to be winning. Many of the casinos coming out now are working on getting their platforms to be as responsive on iOS devices. No deposit Canadian casinos and minimum deposit casinos are slowly seeping into it as a favorite pastime. Even so, it is a tough choice for casinos that have to do everything to get to the market fast.

Mobile Casino Apps a Preferable Option

Initially, online casinos were only accessible through desktop computers. However, with the advent of smartphones, the entire landscape of online gambling transformed. The emergence of mobile devices meant that players could now enjoy online casino games on the go without the need to be tied to a computer. Vendors started trying out mobile gaming with browser versions that would have a small section of the games on the main site. Now you have fully-fledged mobile options with features that improve their on-demand qualities.

Mobile apps are at the forefront when it comes to the expansion of casinos into new markets. High demand for apps over PC versions leads vendors to custom app builds. Google has made sure to give access to developers for all the tools they need to make apps. What’s more, app creators get resources like these at no charge. You have hundreds of casinos yet to be established, looking to break into the upper echelons of online gaming. You can also find a list of best no deposit bonuses per player you can expect online. These are counting on easily accessible tools to capitalize on quick and affordable service delivery.

With more casinos gravitating to Android browser games and apps, players are presented with the exciting opportunity to explore the most recent additions of Android casinos featuring the best no deposit bonuses. Hundreds of platforms boast lucrative offers, and although iOS may be considered the more popular choice between the two, it lacks the versatility to engage with the dynamic market fully.

Pop Culture Driving Consumer Habits

Pop culture is right at the core of contemporary life. In the US and Canada, the fashion-forward masses are always at the thralls of pop culture. For those who follow it, being part of something and fueling the trend gives a sense of belonging. These days anything and everything can be made into a trend. A recent trend has been the online spats between Android and iOS users.

The back and forth between users of the two operating systems has been a pushback from Android users whose frustration stems from years of being looked down upon. In what has become known as a typical thing for the Gen Z cohort, smartphone users in this age group are switching to Android for fun. With this almost whimsical support for Android, they have kept the operating system at the tips of our tongues.

Online casino operators will find this to be a big boost for them, saving them thousands of advertising dollars. All revolutionary tech improvements in the past have been backed by sound engineering, but events like these have had new ideas seep into the social fabric.

iOS vs Android Brands

There is no downplaying how huge Apple is as a brand. With Apple, every product is made under the Apple name. Apple is able to guarantee the quality of its products this way. You will hardly find people complaining about Apple hardware. By keeping every aspect of manufacturing with the company, Apple ensures that the integration of software and hardware you find on their devices is unmatched. If we are talking about brand loyalty and why users want one smartphone over another, it is safe to say that Apple is the shinier brand that most consumers want to be seen with.

Conversely, Android devices come from different companies, with Google only providing the operating system. As such, Google does not play any part in developing the kind of Android phone that ends up on your palm. While this may have introduced a leeway for cheap units, it also has to be said that brands are churning out cutting-edge smartphones on the Android platform. That brands such as Samsung provide their phones on the platform has given it the edge it needs in the way of luxury and high-end tech.

If you like trying out new smartphones and finding out what new tech they have, you will likely use an Android phone. VPN users also benefit from using Android phones over iOS devices. Players like these end up playing the Android version on their favorite casinos simply because it is what they currently have. While instances like these may not affect the grand scheme of things, events like these swing the statistics in Google and Android’s favor when there is a deadlock. The two operating systems each control a key aspect of the market in quality and variety, even though the latter is more appealing to users.


Online casinos are set to keep growing in the near future, and Android sits pretty in the race to get more players on either platform. While iOS and Android battle to emerge as the leading operating system, players are choosing convenience and functionality over everything else. With this as the guiding factor as to what casino gamers sign up for, playing games on Android mobile casinos is the obvious choice. Apple may not have anticipated the rapid growth of casinos, but there is still time to change tact. The company would only need to make more concessions in connectivity and syncing to match what Android offers players when switching from PC to mobile versions.

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