Cool Apps that Can Improve your Smartphone Experience

Cool Apps that Can Improve your Smartphone Experience
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Your smartphone is as useful as the apps you install. Choose the best.

You can use an Android smartphone for various things other than just taking pictures or posting updates on social media. If you download the right apps, your Android smartphone can be no less than a movie theater or a mobile workstation: just the perfect thing for work or play. Finding the apps, though, is easier said than done. So, help is on the way! We have put our heads together to identify the best apps that Google Play Store is offering. Our recommended apps will transform the way you use your Android smartphone and deliver a whole new experience altogether.


For those traveling often, booking accommodation with a few taps can be very convenient indeed – that’s exactly what Airbnb brings to you. You’ll find an array of rooms, homes, apartments, and other exclusive accommodation options not just for a short stay; but for one stretching through months. It’s especially handy for those who need to visit cities on short work assignments. Airbnb also recommends restaurants and other facilities in a city: a great help during your stay.

Google Maps

Another handy app to have for frequent travelers is Google Maps. With just a few taps, it’s really easy to know how you can get to your destination. Various modes of transport supported by it include mass transit, bicycle, your car, and even Uber!

It marks the shortest distance to your destination if you want to walk. You’ll be surprised how the app guides you on which lane to take while you use the turn-by-turn directions. As it’s a Google product, you can also search locations nearby. It does make finding your way through a city much easier.


Ever feel like you are stuck cooking the same thing over and over again? Cookpad can be the tool to help you prepare new and delicious recipes without scouring the web far and wide. In this app for cooking enthusiasts, you can find recipes written by the foodies themselves. The New York Times article has discussed Cookpad and its success across the globe. The network of like-minded people has millions of home cooks, all sharing their recipes with the rest of the community. If you are interested in becoming one of them, this app is for you!

Messaging apps

You might already use some tool that lets you communicate with friends through instant messages. However, you can find alternatives to the popular Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. In fact, after one of the recent WhatsApp updates, many users have already jumped over to other providers. If you care about keeping your chats as private as possible, you can try two brilliant alternatives: Telegram or Signal. Both of them have more to offer in terms of end-to-end encryption. Thus, they should be the tools you consider.


Books can be a person’s most valued companion, and if you value books, Kindle is a must-have app on your Android. The Amazon Kindle app brings all your eBooks to your fingertips for easy reading at leisure. What’s more, you also have access to the Kindle eBook store to make impulse purchases. What’s the best part? You can synchronize all the notes you took, your bookmarks, and where you left off after your last reading session between all the devices you use.

Google Pay

Google Pay gives you that much-desired freedom from the hassles of cash and cards during payments. Once popular as Google Wallet, the app has undergone many changes to appear in a user-friendly avatar making person-to-person payments a breeze.

VPN and anti-virus tool

Now that you’ve loaded your Android device with the best apps available, protecting the device and your online security requires some attention. Every time you surf the net, you are vulnerable to being tracked by various entities, including cybercriminals. To protect yourself, you can use Android VPN to protect the integrity of the data you exchange online. A VPN protects you by obscuring your online identity and hiding your IP address. It does so by securing an encrypted connection between your device and the internet. Thus, you become more anonymous and private online.

An anti-virus tool on your smartphone might seem unnecessary. In fact, many users are quick to make this assumption. However, you should not be one of them. It is recommended that you use a reliable security solution to protect your smartphone.


Get the maximum out of your Android smartphone with the apps we have compiled. These apps turn your phone into a platform for shopping, entertainment, social connections, and more. With the right apps, your Android smartphone brings the world to your fingertips. Find your way through lanes, read the best books, or watch the best shows at the tap of a finger. Our suggested apps add to the joy of owning an Android smartphone, making it a cool gadget to have.

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