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English, Film - April 7, 2013

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YouTube is undoubtedly the number one video site worldwide, no need to elaborate. Vk is another well-known site, but more focused on movies and full length videos and series. have a player that works very well, and certainly fans also know him. Both have a large catalog of series and movies to his credit, the only problem is that it is easy to see that content on our Android.

Today we bring you an application that easy task, and makes available a large repertoire of titles via streaming from these two portals video. An application with very good looking, brand new and it is having a very good reception in Google Play. We do not know where to go, but it’s better to have a longer view.

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This application provides a good catalog of movies and hosted on YouTube and Vk. Both portals have a huge variety, and the developer promises constantly updated content, vital to the attractiveness of the application. The quality of content is not given by the application, but by the content of the portals, but usually tends to be HD or good quality.

The application itself is not much mystery. The list already has a good number of films, some very recent. Even as recent as movies that were just released on popular streaming services. We can choose language films between English or Spanish. Obviously we can search for titles, but also can filter by gender If you do not have any in mind. Links can be reported for various reasons and in theory also mark as favorites, although I’m not sure that it works quite well.

Its interface could improve, and certainly will, but for now it works correctly. load movies I found my fast, I have not had problems or cuts, so I highly value. I was able to make leaps of time and it’s been pretty smooth. The app does not need any instruction as easy as entering, look and see.

We have spoken often about such applications because very interested and attract many users. I know of no further you have mastered, perhaps because this need never be a priority in mobile phones. Still always good to carry one of these installed, particularly tablets. This application is a good choice for this, and totally free.

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