4 reasons to use 365 Monitor to protect your M365 Inbox

4 reasons to use 365 Monitor to protect your M365 Inbox

Productivity is one of the most important aspects in the business field, in addition to collaborative environments in which several people can create, modify and share documents. This is where programs such as the Microsoft Suite become necessary, for handling both small and large volumes of information.

While aspects such as quality, productivity and collaborative environments are important, keeping your inboxes secure is no less important, especially when they are hosted in the cloud. Large companies that guard their inboxes like a treasure know that, in many cases, data is their most valuable asset, or at least, the asset without which they could not continue. Think, for example, of the emails your users receive, think of the thousands of dangers that lurk on the network, such as viruses, phishing, ransomware, identity theft, etc. Think about the different files and links that these emails contain. Without a doubt, protecting that data should be your top priority from the start.

So how can I protect my inbox from incoming threats? 365 Threat Monitor by Hornetsecurity may be the answer. 365 Threat Monitor is capable of analyzing each of the emails that your organization receives and detecting the most diverse types of threats, but it will go further, since it will also give you the option to eliminate them directly from your users’ inboxes with your mobile phone, allowing you to work with complete peace of mind and concentrate on what you do best. Still not sure about why you should choose 365 Threat Monitor to protect your users’ inboxes?

1. Protecting your data costs less than losing your business

When one does not have the necessary basic security precautions in place, it is only a matter of time before hackers take advantage of those security gaps. In computing, these gaps can cost you your business – which would cost more than a security solution. Think of it this way – a door lock is worth much less than the contents of a house, but without it, you’d most likely have to pay to replace the contents. Well, that is the relationship of 365 Threat Monitor with respect to the information it protects.

2. Detect suspicious emails in real time

The potential dangers are diverse and can come from the most varied sources. 365 Threat Monitor protects you from all of them, such as: ransomware, viruses, spyware, identity theft, fake sender content, fake identity, spam, etc. It also detects and alerts attacks on credit card data, invoices, as well as any other type of confidential data and prevents unwanted advertising.

3. Configuration in just three steps

Forgetting about threats and enjoying what you simply like to do is as simple as following just three steps: 1. Register and receive a download link 2. Download the app 3. Connect your Office 365 admin account. That’s all!.

4. It’s free!

Yes, it’s free, you can enjoy real-time malware detection and alerting, and have the option to instantly delete malicious emails completely free for the first 10,000 Microsoft 365 Admins.

Our Conclusion

365 Threat Monitor is a product provided by Hornetsecurity, a leading cloud email security company founded in 2007 and currently serving more than 50,000 organizations.

365 Threat Monitor is an efficient solution to protect you from threats before they reach your users’ mailboxes. In addition, for those who want a little more, 365 Total Protection Enterprise is the way to go! It comes without manual verifications or deletions, and adds great functionalities like email encryption, archiving and more, allowing you to simply dedicate yourself to doing what you know and enjoy. If you don’t have a security solution yet, this is a very good time to start, and if you already have one, you’ll be amazed at what 365 Threat Monitor can do for you as soon as you give it a try.

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