Elementary Math- Guide to level up your game

Business, English - December 31, 2021
Image 1. Elementary Math- Guide to level up your game

Every student has a personal experience with the subject – and it can range between easy to stressful over the academic years. Some students love math, and others hate it. Such polar experiences are often attributed to aptitude, intelligence, etc. But, most often than not it is all about the teaching methodologies.

Math can become complicated the moment you don’t understand a concept. Sometimes, math appears difficult because the sea of numbers and formulas can be rather overwhelming. The way the students are taught math plays a big role in deciding whether they like the subject.

The main aim is to deconstruct the subject that seems easy to the kids. If it is packaged in a way that is hard to understand, children often lose their patience mid-way. And subjects like math work in a chain reaction method. Lack of understanding of one foundational concept easily transforms into confusion in the next one. That is why clarity in every step, every lesson is important.

Thus, the best way to achieve clarity is by getting a strong hold on basics.This way you will be able to solve the complex math problems which you find difficult to attempt. Other than this, there are some other ways to improve math, which we have shared in this article. By these methods math can be made easy for elementary level children. Read on to know what they are-

The most effective trick:

What is the only non-negotiable way to get better at math? It is to practice every single day. No matter how well you understand the concepts, you are bound to forget them if you don’t practice. So the most effective trick to get better at math is to practice it every day. It will get easier every day, but you have to keep doing it every day, and that bit can be difficult.

Also, don’t just practice the sums you are assigned in your homework. It limits the different ways to understand a topic. Trying to solve worksheets – no matter at what success rate, from different sources, help you explore the topic or concept.

Get a tutor:

Subjects like math need a close focus when being taught. In the initial stages of being taught a subject, students are prone to making a lot of mistakes that don’t necessarily turn into wrong answers. But if they keep on making them, their foundation will become weak.

That is why a close observation of every step they take to solve a problem needs to be there. This will help them rectify it before it gets ingrained into them. These mistakes become silly mistakes that cost them marks. Math, especially elementary math, needs close guidance. That is why getting a tutor for some personalized support is the best option. It will strengthen the base.

Play numerical games:

Children’s minds are very active when playing. So if this trait is incorporated in math, it can be utilized to get better at math. Math is also a game –  a game of numbers. The trick is to understand the rules well. Many games, especially for elementary-level math, will help you understand math better.

You can also incorporate it into games you play with your friends. Example: reciting tables while skipping or using numerical cards to play games, etc. But now, thanks to the internet, many virtual games will help you make math more fun.

Avoid using the calculator at all costs:

The stronger your mental math game is, the more scope you have in this subject. Even when you’re solving advanced questions and might be compelled to use a calculator to fasten up the process, you must avoid it. The calculator is to math what water is to iron. It will damage your mathematical skills.

That is why no matter how much hurry you are in, you should always avoid the calculator. So, now that you know the various ways to get up your math game, implement the same in your study schedule. It is not magic to get better at the subject. It is about consistency and patience, which are also essential life skills. Thus, please don’t be scared of math anymore and find ways to enjoy it.