Hidden star portals around the world

Since ancient times, it is known that throughout the length and breadth of the planet Earth, there are portals to other worlds and other dimensions. Places where the atmosphere is mystical, with more energy than normal and with magical properties described by some millenary civilizations.

In every continent, we can find those monuments erected by the wise men of yesteryear, such as the pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge, Machu Pichu in Peru, among others. The legends assure that there lie stellar gates through which the gods and intergalactic travelers were transported. Next, we will talk about other geographical points where it is also presumed, that dimensional portals are hidden in this world. Let’s see:

The Sumerian stellar portal in the temple of Seti 1

It is said that the temple of Seti 1 is located there, which holds a powerful interdimensional portal. The legends tell that priests of the secret Order called Melchizedek served as vigilant guardians of this portal that communicates worlds. There are those who say that the U.S. Army came to know it and have used it all this time.

Interdimensional portal in the Euphrates River

It is a magical portal with a rectangular shape and it is attributed to the Sumerians, because in the water columns that surround it there is an engraving of the god Enki.

Gobekli Tepe

It is a very ancient sanctuary located on a high peak in a mountain range, about 15 kilometers northeast of the city of Sanliurfa in Turkey, bordering Syria. According to historians, Göbekli Tepe dates back more than 10,000 years. Many believe that its T-shaped columns and enigmatic stone circles form a portal to other worlds and planes. It has been detected that its structure is adapted with a very special sound that allows certain vibrations to open a wormhole to transport in space time.

The ruins of Stonehenge

It has always been suspected that these are dimensional portals, where possibly negative entities would be transported to this plane. This site is located on a convergence of terrestrial ley lines. For years, people who go camping have disappeared when lightning strikes the monument.

The Pyramids of Giza

It has been discovered that the great pyramids of Giza keep a perfect alignment with the four cardinal points. Likewise, it would present an exact alignment with Orion’s belt. The theories affirm that the ancient Egyptian gods could teleport in this portal from the Orion constellation.

Solar Temple of Abu Gurab

It is a temple dedicated in homage to the Sun. It is located in Egypt and is a large alabaster platform. In ancient times, tremendous and unsuspected rituals were performed there. It has a prodigious acoustic vibration that transforms the place into something similar to a stargate.

Stargates in Hayu Marca

It is known as “the door of the Gods” and it is gaining more and more interest in Peru, in Hayu Marca. The indigenous legends tell that several heroes were forced to pass through this site on their way to the divine dimension. It is said that it was the great priest Aramu Muru, of the Incas, who used a golden disc to open the entrance to the magical portico.

Portals in Tiahuanaco

In Bolivia, specifically in Tiahuanaco, lie the Gate of the Moon and the Gate of the Sun. Ancient traditions say that they are portals to the world of the gods. One legend claims that the great Viracocha came to Earth through these portals in Tiahuanaco and created humans for the first time.

Ranmasu Uyana

Now we move to Sri Lanka, to Ranmasu Uyana, where there is a star map with encrypted symbols that properly developed, open the wormhole that leads to other dimensions. This site is known as “Stargate”.

The temple of Padmanabhaswamy

In India. Currently, it represents one of the greatest mysteries in the world, since a door has been found that even the most seasoned experts have not been able to open it. It is speculated that it is a magical portal that leads to other times and other places in the cosmos.

The mysterious vortexes of Sedona, Arizona

Many legends are heard around the city of Sedona, in the state of Arizona, United States. Numerous witnesses affirm that enigmatic energy vortexes are formed there, through which spirits from higher dimensional spheres and also those of the three-dimensional terrestrial plane pass. People who claim to have witnessed one of these magnetic vortexes describe that they felt a peculiar tingling sensation all over their bodies and an inexplicable vibration.

The “submerged Stonehenge

In Lake Michigan, in the United States, we find “the underwater Stonehenge”, a circular structure very similar to the Stonehenge monoliths. A mysterious and paranormal area, where many shipwrecks occur frequently and the cause is attributed to an anomaly in magnetism.

These amazing places leave no doubt that in them, in some remote time, impressive magic techniques were practiced.

Hidden star portals around the world
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