Youtube music in the background is very easy, with Firefox


YouTube is the place of reference for music videos of millions of people. In the desktop version, you can create a playlist with dozens of songs and let it play in the background while you do other things, but not in the Android app. At least not sin Red pay for YouTube.

From the YouTube application for Android you can hear as much music as you want, but in that change of application, pause the video automatically. If you try to do the same from standard browser Chrome or Android get the same result.

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Every law loophole. There are already some ways to achieve hear background music in Android such as with AudioPocket or unpause I, but these applications have their own limitations and somehow ruin YouTube experience with additional steps. The easiest way to hear background videos in Android? Probably with Firefox


When the rest for Firefox continues

It is understandable that tant Google Chrome as the Android browser stop playing videos on YouTube in the background. At the end of the day, it is consistent with the policy of YouTube to impersonate box if you want to use your service to listen to music on your mobile. However, other browsers probably also be based on WebKit, react the same way. If you change your application, the party over.

is not the case with Firefox, we do not know whether deliberately or by mistake, leaves you, at least until today, listening to YouTube videos even when you change your application, chatting, taking photos … The show never stops.

All you have to do is install Firefox for Android, go to the page and find your favorite YouTube video. Once you start playing, you can switch between applications without problems and the music will continue playing in the background.

something uglier than the application, but more functional

Youtube In Firefox

When using Firefox to see (or hear) the web version of YouTube, you must settle for a version of YouTube Optimized for mobile, slightly less pleasing to the eye YouTube application, but otherwise not much to envy.

From the web can sign in with your account and access your lists, videos, subscriptions and great videos. Also, if while enjoying YouTube in the background you feel the urgent need to discuss or share a video on social networks, you only have to go back to Firefox to do so.

Given that if you’re reading this entry interests you probably only hear music in the background and therefore gives you the same interface, using the Web version of YouTube in Firefox is probably the easy way free, and, listen to music on YouTube without having to resort to other more limited applications.

remains to be seen if at some point Google will notice this small hole and clog fine for his part in forcing YouTube or Firefox to do, so now my recommendation is that you enjoy it while you can.

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