How were the bingo calls first inspired?

How were the bingo calls first inspired?

One of the first things that come to somebody’s mind when they think of bingo is the bingo calls. The small phrases have helped the game to remain relevant and memorable to people who haven’t even played the game – play at Barbados Bingo.

Bingo Calls Origins 

It seems as though bingo is a game which has been around forever, this is actually not far from the truth. It actually originated in Europe way back in the 17th century! Bingo calls originated a little later than that. 

  1. Though the exact date is unknown, experts estimate that the earliest bingo calls took place in the mid 1800s.
  2. Allegedly, the bingo call was heavily influenced by cockney rhyming slang. These phrases would help create unique bingo calls to entertain players.
  3. Working class phrases were also an influence on bingo calls. Specific idioms and phrases were incorporated into the game.
  4. Believe it or not but the earliest bingo calls were actually done completely off the cuff as a way of entertaining players. Many of these calls managed to stick around, with a few still being used to this day! 

Commonly Used Bingo Calls 

Whenever you play bingo in the UK, players will encounter the same phrases no matter where in the country they are. Though some will differ depending on who your caller is, there are generally a host of bingo calls which are commonly used. 

●     Number 2 – One little duck.Used because the number two resembles a duck.

●     Number 5 – Man alive.It is used because it rhymes.

●     Number 7 – Lucky seven.In many cultures, the number 7 is believed to be lucky.

●     Number 13 – Unlucky for some. The number 13 is commonly thought of as unlucky by superstitious people

●     Number 38 – Christmas cake.This is thought to have originated as cockney rhyming slang. 

Future of Bingo Calls 

Since bingo has expanded to online games, it has seen an increase in the amount of new players. Bingo is no longer a game which is played exclusively by older people, instead there are younger eyes on the game. In an effort to key up with the times, some bingo calls have had to be changed to fit the more woke viewpoints of some of the younger and newer players. Though bingo is hardly an offensive game, some bingo calls were certainly a product of their time and don’t make much sense in modern times. For example, 88 is famously known as two fat ladies but with brand new woke bingo lingo this call becomes known as Wills and Kate. This is a more topical reference and less offensive to certain bingo players. 

Final Thoughts 

Bingo calls are a key part of bingo games. They are integral to the game’s memorability and popularity with players. The bingo call is an ever evolving element of the game, thanks to the increase in younger players. There are several newer and more topical calls being added to the game to make it more accessible for the younger generation.

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