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Google has announced, but not yet available internationally. Fortunately we live in a world where many stores sell and ship to anywhere in the world , and that gives us many possibilities. Today we explain how to buy Google Chromecast from Spain (we can only try from here, but it may be possible from more places, if you manage to leave it in the comments).

? Our savior today? Amazon, who else. This shop had already made in the past do international orders, but since Amazon opened in Spain had complicated things a lot. Now return to the charge, and one of the devices that re-let international shipping is the Chromecast.

Ask them is as easy as adding it to the cart and make addressed submission to Spain :

Google Chromecast

Once we give the final order to continue we will get the summary, confirming that we can ship to Spain . The downside of course is the cost of shipping and rates . Shipping costs are about 13 €, which is not too expensive considering it comes from the United States, and rates rise to € 7.5 in the case of Chromecast. Amazon These fees are used to pay customs to get to Spain and is an estimate.

This makes the Chromecast end up with a total price of 47 € , which actually not bad considering from where they come. Chromecast The price is $ 35 without shipping costs, which amount to 35 € in Spain plus shipping depending on where we buy, so given that we anticipate its release not bad.

Now, deserves all this worth? In the case of Chromecast not know when it will come to Spain, but the problem is that it is temporarily out of stock on Amazon USA . We could ask and wait for it to replenish stock, that while it might happen in a few days, I might have to wait too long and end up available here, though it seems unlikely. The the Chromecast is a good choice .

The options are there, and you can choose whoever them . Here you have the official information from Amazon on international orders that explains all the details, but basically tells you that you can lose the manufacturer’s warranty, that shippers may be different from your country and that the instructions are in another language.

Thanks to Sergio for the warning!

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How to buy Google Chromecast from Spain
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August 28, 2013

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