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Should Chinese classes be mandatory for students?

Should Chinese classes be mandatory for students?Should Chinese classes be mandatory for students?

The economic miracle of China and the rapid development of this Asian country has led to a real boom in the study of the Chinese language throughout the world. Over the past 10 years, each of us at least once heard that the Chinese language is simply necessary for a modern progressive professional who is going to work at an international level. Is it true?

Chinese really gains popularity, and it turns out that many people working in the field of business, international trade and relations need it. Possession of this language may open new horizons, an opportunity to live, study in one of the most developed countries of Asia, and also to conduct business with Chinese partners.

In short, there are many reasons why you should take a Chinese textbook into your hands. Here are some of them.

Chinese is used by about 1,197,000,000 people. 873,000 of them speak Mandarin Chinese (North Chinese). Thus, the Chinese speakers make up 14% of all the inhabitants of the planet.

2. Mandarin Chinese is spoken not only in China

If you really want to study the Asian language, then it’s worth choosing Chinese! Why? The fact is that the most widespread dialect of Chinese, Mandarin, is spoken not only in China, but also in Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia and the Philippines. Just imagine, you will learn a language with which it is possible to communicate, study and work in all these countries.

3. Learning Chinese is easier than you think

For most of us, the Chinese language seems very difficult for mastering. It is not surprising, because it is really far from the familiar European languages. However, do not be afraid to learn Chinese. This is not the most difficult language in the world! There are no verbs, no plural, no times, even no conjugations. This language has more than 80,000 hieroglyphics, but only 3,500 of them are used in everyday life.

4. Chinese is useful for education

Chinese education develops rapidly and confidently in the international arena. According to some experts, in the coming years, China will be able to compete with the leading academic centers of the world. Today, there are large modern universities, the best teaching equipment, and facilities for students. Thousands of young people come to this country from all over the world.

Every year, more English speaking programs are offered in educational institutions of China. In addition, young people can apply to dissertation writing services specialized on local curriculum and order some complex assignments. But knowing the Chinese language will greatly expand your choice of training options and courses, and will also allow to feel comfortable while living in a foreign country.

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5. Chinese is useful for business

China is a modern commercial, economic, financial and business center of the world, in which a huge number of companies and international corporations work. This country actively exports goods all over the world, including Europe, Australia, the United States and Japan. The local factories produce products for the largest international trade networks.

It is not surprising that doing business with China is a popular option for entrepreneurial development today. It is easier for a businessman who knows the Chinese language to establish the necessary professional ties, to agree on cooperation and ways of interaction.

6. Chinese will open up new opportunities for you

Even if you are not going to study in China or to open a branch of your company here, knowledge of the Chinese language is useful to you, regardless of the nature of your professional activities. The possession of foreign languages is highly valued by employers all over the world. So, it is an excellent bonus which will always highlight you on the background of competitors.

7. A lot of interactive ways of learning

Chinese, like other popular languages, today can be studied not only with boring textbooks or a teacher but also in an interactive online format that will make the educational process more simple and fun. Such websites and applications as Pleco, Memrise, Anki, and FluentU will allow you to advance in Chinese without unnecessary expenditure and effort.

8. Contact with Chinese culture and history

The history and culture of China are among the richest and oldest in the world. Art, cinema, and literature are developed here. Throughout the country, there are many monuments of history and attractions. Knowledge of Chinese will give you a unique opportunity to personally come into contact with the unique heritage of China and fall in love with it.

9. Ability to travel all over China

Attractions and natural beauties of China are able to amaze and inspire everyone. Therefore, having arrived in the country for study, work or just for tourist purposes, it is worth going on a trip to different corners of China and studying this region in all its splendor.

Of course, in large megacities, English will be enough for communication. But in the remote area which hides a lot of historical and natural treasures, few people speak English. Here, the Chinese language will come to aid. It will help you to speak with any local resident, in a hotel, a shop or when renting a car.

10. Chinese language is interesting and exciting

You will be surprised, but some people learn Chinese simply because they are interested in this language. On the one hand, it opens the door to a world of mysterious and exotic Asian culture. On the other hand, the study of hieroglyphs, their patterns, hidden meanings captivates many people so much that they are ready to devote all their free time to unraveling the writing the roots of which go deep into the history of our civilization.

In addition, possession of the Chinese is just cool and fashionable! Therefore, it is very likely that soon this language will become mandatory at our schools and universities. As you can see, such a decision is fully justified.

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