Interesting Stories Behind Expensive Cars in Dubai

One of the main features of Dubai is people’s love for luxury cars, mostly premium-class. It’s interesting that in general, the culture of Arabian people allows even rich people to wear simple clothes. Of course, they can wear clothes of the highest quality but they shouldn’t be too bright and bold. But, when talking about cars, the situation is quite different. Maybe, cars work like good horses for rich people of Dubai: in the past, they had wonderful horses, and now they have amazing cars.

In Dubai, people often buy automobiles as a personal offer and change their old car just when they have the first opportunity to do it, especially if the world’s leading car manufacturer has launched the newest model. Cars are the symbol of luxury and richness for people there. If you haven’t been to Dubai, we suggest visiting this amazing city someday and trying Bentley rental Dubai or any sportscar at your wish to get the best possible driving experience. Don’t rush to think that such cars will cost you a fortune. Today’s rental services offer a huge selection of luxury models for a reasonable price.

Interesting Stories Behind Expensive Cars in Dubai

Crashed Expensive Cars in Dubai

In summer 2020, an interesting video was shared on YouTube: it showed tons of crashed luxury cars in Dubai placed in a special parking lot. Most of those cars got serious damages in car accidents and cannot be restored. For example, you can see there an expensive SUV Mercedes-AMG G63 that, considering its condition, was rolled over on the roof. But there are some expensive cars in this parking lot in Dubai that are in good condition. For example, the author of the video has found a supercar Ferrari 612 Scaglietti without any serious and obvious damages.

Some of these luxury cars were withdrawn from their owners due to various reasons. Moreover, these automobiles will be sold in various auctions. Apart from this, there are some cars in the parking lot that were left by their owners. And this is true if you are having a huge pile of money, why don’t you buy a new expensive automobile and leave your old car without wasting time to sell it to someone? Some people say that ex-owners of these cars might leave the country due to bankruptcy or any other problems with money and debts – and according to laws in Dubai, this is a criminal issue that may end up with years in prison for a person. Of course, if this is true, then the car’s owner had to run away from the country without thinking about his or her car’s fate.

A year before the video mentioned above was published on YouTube, the HushHush company that resells used luxury cars, has published their vacancy of scout in the UAE. The main responsibility of the scout was to drive through the UAE, including Dubai, and look for lux cars left by their owners. The scout should buy these cars from wonders as soon as possible until the government doesn’t confiscate vehicles for non-payment debts.

Police in Dubai Also Likes Luxury Cars

Not only rich people in Dubai can have cool and expensive cars! You can see amazing luxury vehicles driven by Dubai’s police department. Of course, any policeman in Dubai should look perfect as a symbol of a rich country that can allow Police to have opulent elite class supercars.

If you pay attention to the car park of Dubai Police, you may start thinking they buy only unique and luxury cars, including Mercedes SLS AMG, Ferrari FF, Aston Martin One-77, and Ford Mustang. For example, in 2013, the Dubai’s Police got a prestigious automobile Lamborghini Aventador that costs more than $ 550,000. The press service said that the Police need this car to patrol the fashionable areas of Dubai Marina and Jumeirah, as well as to monitor the situation near the famous skyscraper Burj Khalifa. Everything is simple – policemen like cool cars too!


As you can see, Dubai is famous not only for high skyscrapers, beautiful beaches, gold, and wonderful restaurants and hotels. It’s also a city where you can see many luxury and prestigious cars. Even the police in Dubai drive only cool vehicles!

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