Gestural communication examples

Gestural communication is one of the four main forms of communication, among which are oral communication, written communication, pictorial communication, and gestural communication.

Ejemplos de comunicación gestual

Gestural communication examples

As the name implies, in this type of communication body gestures predominate, basically of the face or hands, although it may well include a gestural communication that involves many or all parts of the body, such as in a dance. But let’s see other examples of gestural communication:

  • Codes for Facebook chat, icons, faces, gestures.
  • Greet someone: With a handshake, with a hug, with a bow, etc.
  • Make the stop to a bus, taxi or other transport mechanism. Usually a gesture or gesture is made with the hand.
  • A dance. We already mentioned it above. For example, a folkloric dance is a gestural communication, as well as an artistic manifestation.
  • Language for the deaf and dumb, by signs.
  • Certain movements as a mechanism of offense. One of the best known is the extended heart finger, while the index and ring fingers are bent, picked up towards the palm of the hand.

These are only 6 examples, but there are many more and they involve a certain action, or a suggestion for another person to execute what is desired. For example, putting our index finger vertically in the middle of the mouth indicates that we are ordering or suggesting another, or other people, to be silent.

If we do this, but this time with the index finger at eye level, we are indicating or accusing observation, attention. If it is carried to the height of one hundred, intelligence is indicated. If it is brought to the ear it is suggested that it be heard, that attention be paid.

When we are happy, sad or furious the most normal thing is that also, even without intending it, some type of gestural communication is carried out.

Gestural communication examples
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June 20, 2019

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