A normal person Biography

Maybe all the people lead a normal and daily life. What happens is that some stand out especially, in some professional, artistic, sports, scientific, etc. facet. But this does not prevent them from leading a life like that of others, since they also laugh and cry, rejoice and sadden. Likewise, breakfast or fall in love and everything that makes us human. However, let’s see an example of a biography of what would be standard for most people:

The simplicity of living

Juan Rodríguez was born in Mexico City on September 22, 1974. Son of Benito Rodríguez and María Florinda Beltrán. Since he was a child he was very restless and a lover of nature. He studied at school “My little pranks.” His favorite subjects were Spanish and biology. He loved dissecting frogs, to study them.

His favorite teacher was Ana Martinez who, although strict, knew how to recognize talent and curiosity in things. And he knew how to win his love. Once graduated, he went to study in the city, in the Rotterdam school, where he would later graduate.

However, his happiness was not complete because he suffered from respiratory problems, which made him go to the doctor from time to time. In 1991, he achieved his bachelor’s degree and managed to enter the University. Paradoxically, not to study Biology or anything related to nature, but Systems Engineering. In fact, he later managed to be employed in a technology company where he worked as an analyst.

All his companions and his bosses remember him for his joy, for his comic, ironic and sarcastic notes, although brilliant. “Be happy,” “smile,” was one of the phrases that some of his coworkers remember.

Unfortunately, even if one tries to be happy, life reserves some surprises. And the year his father died and this retracted a bit. But not everything in life is a pity and it was like that some time later, he would meet the love of his life, Noemí Velasquez, with whom he would contract a nuptial time later. He currently has two children and loves to spend time with her family. It has not lost its charm for nature and outdoor walks in the company of Valentina, Felipe and Noemí.

A psychospiritual practice

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A normal person Biography
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June 15, 2019

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