Summary of the teacher’s guest

“The guest of the teacher” is a literary work created by the Chilean writer Isabel Allende. It belongs to the story genre and is collected in the book Eva Luna. Here is a short summary of this work:

Book summary

The teacher Ines could only trust her friend, the Arab Riad Halabi, in a situation of extreme importance. After all, their friendship went back several years and it was the Arab who provided Inés with help the day they murdered his only son and it was also the Arab who suggested to Ines to put a pension in his house.

That’s why Riad did not hesitate for a moment when the teacher Ines told her in her store that she had killed a guest. When she goes to the scene of the crime, Ines confesses to the Turk that she always knew that sooner or later she would see the murderer of her son again. Riad helped Ines to get rid of the body without leaving a trace of the murder.

The teacher Ines was loved by all, due to her undoubted support to the unprotected. They all felt that they owed something, such as the ability to read or the memory of a full stomach on days when there was usually nothing to fill it with. Everyone owed him something and that is why everyone could help with something and without feeling any remorse.

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Summary of the teacher’s guest
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