The geolect

Within the study of language it is easy to find words that are not so common and that describe a specific type of idea or circumstance, a variety or specialty or specialization. And such is the case of the geolect, although as we shall see, it is quite simple.

The varieties of a language

In every language the geolect is presented, which we consider to be the linguistic variety (dialect) that is used in a specific area or territory, in which material circumstances (climate, flora, fauna, customs) are more or less uniform, for Therefore, the language has a similar behavior in terms of intonation, lexicon, syntax and way of thinking. It is what, in other authors, is called a horizontal dialect.

Said in a simpler way, the geolect is a variation of the language originated by the different geographical nuances, which, although they do not generate incompatibility with the different geolects of the same language, do provide some variations both written and phonetic.

Any language, with time, faces different forms of it, according to the region of the speakers. In that respect it is called “dialect”. Depending on your language, depending on your age, it is called a chronolect. If the language context is given by the educational and social conditions, it is cataloged as a sociolect.

HERNÁNDEZ G, Fernando; ALVAREZ H, Luís Eduardo.

The geolect
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