Examples of sociolect

What is the sociolect?

The sociolect is a social dialect, that is, a variety of language spoken by a social group. It refers to the way in which a certain society or social class makes use of the language, the way in which a certain sentence is expressed in one class or another.

There may be several levels of sociolect, for example, a cult level, a colloquial level and a vulgar level. In this way, the sociolect is closely linked to the academic and cultural formation of a social group, which ultimately comes to mark and condition the way of expressing each other.

For example, there are ways to express the same idea in a cultured language and in a colloquial one.

Examples of sociolect:

  1. We went shopping / We went to the store.
  2. My stylus was damaged / My face was damaged.
  3. We are friends / We are partners.
  4. Let me know / Throw me water
  5. I do not have money / I am without wool
  6. The lady went into hysteria / The spoon went wild
  7. That man has hyperhidrosis / That man sweats a lot
  8. I had an episode of headache / I had a headache

Culture depends a lot when it comes to using a particular language. The planet Earth is full of a surprising cultural richness of languages.

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Examples of sociolect
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June 13, 2019

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