Logic and epistemology (relationships and differences)

Within knowledge, and the study of the generation of knowledge, as well as within philosophy, both logic and epistemology are of absolute relevance and, although they become different, it is also true that they share much in common.

The object of study

In fact, etymologically speaking, together, in their affixes, they derive from two related Greek roots, specifically from the term “logos”, which mean reason and / or theory, and have the philosophical aspect in common and their object of study is related; however, they move away from each other and differ when we do not approach details of that object of study.

In logic we find that the object of study is thought (which differs from the object of study of psychology inasmuch as what science studies is thinking, the psychological process), the result of the psychological process, and in epistemology (Theory of knowledge) the historical, sociological, etc., circumstances that lead to the apprehension of that knowledge.

Relations and differences between Logic and Epistemology in Information Science

In the information sciences, thinking is not the object of study. While, on the one hand, we find that, without needing to study the circumstances that generate thought, we study the causes that gave rise to the documents and information. In this aspect we get closer to the theory of knowledge, and with that we get closer to Epistemology than to logical doctrine.

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Logic and epistemology (relationships and differences)
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