Summary of They have given us the land

“They have given us the land” is an account of Mexican writer Juan Rulfo, included in the book “The Plain In Flames” and whose characters are: Meliton, Faustino, Esteban, the delegate, and the narrator of history (which becomes the main character).

A Journey through the plains

This story is about four friends who go to the land that has been given by the Government for the purpose of claiming it. They have begun to walk since the dawn and continue to advance until well into the afternoon by the plain desert, under the inclement heat and suffocating.

At first you cannot hear or see anything, but then manage to see a village in the distance. At the beginning were more than twenty, but at about four o’clock in the afternoon and only four are advancing: Meliton, Faustino, Esteban and the narrator of history. They keep walking and hardly speak because the stifling heat does not allow or leave encouragement for anything other than advancing.

In the plain there is nothing, it is a desert territory, but it was what the government delegate offered them. They wanted the Vega, the land by the river, but it was the plain or nothing. They continued to walk and came to the village, then departed and continued to walk to reach the land they had given them while John disappeared with a hen he found by the way.


Summary of They have given us the land
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June 14, 2019

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