Summary of the Odyssey by songs from 1 to 6

Summary of the Odyssey by songs from 1 to 6

First Song

The poet calls the Muse, in order to start the narrative of the pilgrim warrior, who was traveling great distances after Troy was destroyed. There was a meeting of the Gods, where only Poseidon was absent, who has had Odysseus as a goal to eliminate, for a long time. But this one is imprisoned in Calypso Island. One of the gods that most advocates for Odysseus was Athena, whose desire was that he would soon reunite with his family.

Zeus, the father of the Gods, accepted the good destiny for Odysseus. To set the plan in motion, a king called Mentes goes to Telemachus in Ithaca, to exhort him to look for his father Odysseus. That king was the very Athena in disguise. The warrior’s house is full of daring who pretend to be the hand of Penelope, his wife, who, seeing the years go by and the lack of news of her husband, takes the firm determination to remarry.

Telemachus is quite upset with all those guys who pretend to Penelope, and he shows it to the King Mentes (Athena in disguise), who assures him with total certainty that his father would return very soon and expose his anger before the assembly, arguing that those individuals His mother’s suitors were damaging the house and its properties.

In view of her son’s anger, Penelope delays her wedding intentions.

Second Song

Never, in the whole period of the disappeared Odysseus, an assembly had been held. On this occasion he meets for the first time in his absence, two decades later. In it, Telemachus urges them to leave his home, but the response he received was only ridicule and contempt, especially on the part of Antinous and Eurymachus.

But they were also warned by Haliterses, who also prophesied the arrival of Odysseus and the death of the suitors. In such a way that they did not lend a ship to Telemachus to go in search of his father, but King Mentes (Athena) provides him one and also a complete crew, who leave at night to his crossing.

Third Song

The next day, very early in the morning, Mentor and Telemachus arrive at the territory of Pylos, where they are invited to participate in a hecatomb directed to the god Poseidon. There was King Néstor, who tells in detail the return adventure of several heroes of Troy and when Agamemnon passes away. However, he does not have a single news of Odysseus, so he invites them to visit Menelaus.

Because Athena, in the disguise of Minds, mysteriously disappeared revealing her true identity, King Nestor was admired and surprised that a goddess was physically accompanying Telemachus and therefore asked his son Pisistratus to accompany him and will support Telemachus, who was now on his way to Sparta to speak with Menelaus.

Fifth Song

The Gods are reunited and Athena insists again with Odysseus. So that the great Zeus ordered Hermes, the messenger, to take the order to Nymph of Calypso to immediately release Odysseus. Calipso was somewhat sparing at the command of Zeus, even asserted that the gods envied him, but opted to help Odysseus assemble a raft, endowed with provisions and instructed.

Twenty days had been traveling Odysseus and finally saw land, but Poseidon caused a terrible storm, which blew up the raft of Odysseus. But the sea nymph, Ino Leucotea, helps him by giving him an immortal veil that served Odysseus to be able to reach land, exactly on the coast of Esqueria.

Six SOng

The princess Nausícaa, daughter of the king Alcínoo, was surprised in dreams by Athenian. In such a way that when she wakes up from her sleep, she decides to go to the river to wash clothes and asks for that purpose, a cart with mules that accompanied her, along with her slaves. At one point, while they were having fun and resting, Odysseus realizes his presence and asks for help.

The princess, impressed by the manners of Odysseus, offers her all her help. He also returns to his castle with the aim of his father and mother opening the doors to the hero, but while he got it, he sent him to a magical forest on the outskirts of the city, which had been consecrated for the goddess Athena.


Summary of the Odyssey by songs from 1 to 6
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July 7, 2019

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