Important facts by Ignacio Allende

His full name was Ignacio José de Allende y Unzaga, born into a wealthy family and merchant from 1769, in San Miguel el Grande, now called San Miguel de Allende.

A hero in the days of the quest for European independence

His life was dedicated to the war affairs of the time and she chose to support the revolution that was crying out for independence. In Dragones de la Reina, a cavalry corregimiento, he served in 1808 in his hometown and a year later belonged to one of Valladolid’s discovered conspiracies, but ran with luck and did not suffer reprisals.

He was totally focused and determined to give his life for the freedom of his people and kept gathering people who followed him and supported him. At that time, the correctors Miguel Domínguez together with Josefa Ortiz, his wife, held meetings for the same cause and it was where the strategy of revolution led by Ignacio was forged in the company of Juan Aldama.

At the time the Querétaro conspiracy was discovered, in 1810 on September 16, the fuse that would erupt into a bloody battle was ignited, as Allende, when he learned of it, issued a statement to all the provinces for the people to go out to c against the Spaniards, announcing the Cry of Independence.

Don Miguel Hidalgo was the one who supported and advised Allende and who really took the fight forward, due to his powerful influences on the population. In the town called Dolores, Hidalgo in conjunction with his people, they managed to apprehend the Spaniards who commanded the place and their next goal was San Miguel.

One of the characteristics of Allende’s personality was his tendency to kindness and compassion with prisoners, to whom he guaranteed respect for his integrity and that of his loved ones. In fact, he even swore for his life.

Nearly eleven days later, Allende was appointed as lieutenant general and Miguel Hidalgo, as captain general by a board of insurgents in the city of Celaya. But on September 27 of that year, the Viceroy sent them to murder and paid 10,000 pesos of reward.  However, the revolutionaries got away with it and were able to take the next day, ka Alhóndiga de Granaditas and Guanajuato.

Due to his triumphs and hard-hitting victories, in the face of a mass presence in Acámbaro, Mr. Hidalgo was proclaimed as a general and Ignacio Allende, as captain general. All the victories accompanied them in those moments, as after this, they fought in the Crosses against the royalists and won the battle.

That filled Allende with more enthusiasm and so he proposed to take Mexico City, because obviously when the capital was taken, they would have much of the war won.

But there was no good relationship between Allende and General Hidalgo; strong discrepancies prevailed and that led Allende to decide only to limit himself to the formation of the army and nothing more, because he possessed great skills in the office of the militia, but luck did not last him so long: in a fight that was presented on the Bridge of Calderon, an unfortunate incident led to the beating of Spanish enemies; one of the rebels’ ammunition-aming carriages had exploded.

Things were getting very complicated, because the warlords didn’t agree with each other and because of that, the official high command demanded the resignation of General Hidalgo. That’s when Allende climbed in hierarchy and now, he was quite a general.

Already in possession of his command, he ordered depart for Saltillo and immediately to the United States with the aim of finding more weaponry and economic support to return to the battlefield.

Unfortunately, in 1811 the pros of Mexican Independence were captured.  The cause of such a negative event was that Ignacio Eliozondo, one of the warlords, betrayed them in Acatita de Baján. As Ignacio Allende was a warrior raised in arms, he didn’t think twice about fighting to death. In fact, he was the only one who did it this way and passed away with all the honors.

Before his death, he was taken with his fellow prisoners to Chihuahua, chained and incommunicado, and then prosecuted. Allende always tended to good manners and in his war trial, it was no exception. But when the judge who handed down the sentence treated him badly and with notorious discrimination, the Mexican patriotic hero hit him in the head with a piece of chain of handcuffs holding his hands.

By logical consequence, Allende was sentenced to death and shot on June 26, 1811. But not beating them, they cut off his head after he died and hung it in a corner of the city of Guanajuato, along with the heads of his friends and colleagues: Adalma, Mariano Jiménez and General Hidalgo.

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Important facts by Ignacio Allende
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July 28, 2019

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