Famous quotes about veterinary

Famous quotes about veterinaryArthur Schopenhauer: “The conmiseration with animals is intimately linked with the goodness of character, so that it can be safely stated that those who are cruel to animals cannot be a good person. A compassion for all living beings is the strongest and safest test of moral conduct.”

The great men of history were sensitive to animals

Undoubtedly this phrase of Schopenhauer, diluted an undeniable truth. An individual who likes to inflict physical pain on animals also has a tendency to do so with humans. Our brothers are not only the other humans, but all the beings that inhabit planet Earth. Our relationship with nature denotes the relationship with ourselves and our fellowmen.

Siddartha Gautama Buddha (in the Dharmapada): “For a man who pityes all living creatures is called ‘holy’.”

The problem of today’s society is that the system programmed our minds to be isolated from nature and from one another. Today, the most city-blind people when they see an animal in their homes, feel threatened and upset and try to kill it at all costs, because they regard it as inferior, useless and unpleasant.

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That is why no person of today is comparable to the ancient inhabitants of the earth, the indians and ancestors who communed with all the creatures of God’s work.

Federico Nietzsche: “The deepest minds of all time have felt compassion for animals”.

Nietzsche and all the great true philosophers, or “Lovers of Wisdom,” agree on the idea that animals are our brothers and sisters and it is our duty to protect, assemble and respect them. One day, when Federico saw a guy punishing a horse with a whip, he felt deep moral grief and crying, he ran to hug the horse and stop his master’s violent arm.

Mahatma Gandhi: “I maintain that the more helpless a creature is, the more rights it has to be protected by man against the cruelty of man. I must perform many personal purifications and sacrifices in order to save these helpless animals from a sacrifice that has nothing sacred about it.

I constantly pray to God that some man or woman will be born on this earth, lit in divine piety, capable of ridding us of our horrendous sins against animals, saving the lives of innocent creatures, and purifying temples”.

Sadly, many religions have for centuries deviated the true essence of God, which is Love. But love is not a beautiful feeling that someone feels in the stomach looking at the opposite sex, but the natural and spontaneous desire for other beings to be happy and the ability to contribute to it.

Just as teachers of all ages never enacted the creation of imperial religions and institutions of any kind, nor did they ever promote the murder of animals or people. All this comes from black magic, even infiltrating the very doctrines of faith.

Dr. Albert Schweitzer: “We must fight the unconscious spirit of cruelty with which we treat animals. Animals suffer like we do. True humanity does not allow us to impose such suffering on them. It is our duty to make the whole world recognize him. Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living beings, humanity will not find peace.”

Again we find the same similarity of thought among the great sages of the ages. Humanity seeks to achieve peace,in every nation, on every continent; but they look for him in the wrong ways: with wars, with treaties signed by corrupt politicians, with beautiful speeches, with marches, football, modeling and showmanship.

If every person does not obtain true and permanent peace within him, there will be no peace in this world. If there is peace in the individual, all creatures of nature would live in perfect harmony.

Leonardo Da Vinci: “There will come a day when men like me will see the murder of an animal as they now see that of a man.”

But it seems that as the days pass, the ill-called men become increasingly insensitive and cruel to nature. Municipal slaughterhouses are complete bovine concentration camps; torture is unimaginable.

It is true that man necessarily needs meat, but polarizing himself at the end of cannibalism or vegetarianism, is a complete mistake. The problem is not in consuming meat from animals that were designed for that, but in the way they are grown, maintained, reproduced and slaughtered.

And to conclude with these phrases on veterinary medicine, we conclude with Francis of Assisi:

“All things of creation are sons of the Father and brothers of man. God wants us to help the animals if they need help. Every creature in disgrace has the same right to be protected”.

Increasingly, awareness of the animal kingdom is becoming more enviate, as we are truly its protectors and we must not remain its main predators. If you liked this article, share it on your social networks and tell us your opinion about the subject, in the comments box.

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